After the legendary departure of Hideo Kojima from KONAMI and the general… Disappointment that was Metal Gear: Survive, a lot of us started questioning the future the Metal Gear franchise. In the wake of this an interesting bit in Ghost Recon: Wildlands has come to our attention:

It’s a very poignant and touching moment to be sure. Splinter Cell and Metal Gear had had run ins of this manner before, with Snake requesting “Sam” (implied to be Sam Fisher of Splinter Cell) to do the job Snake was assigned. It seems that Sam, voiced by the returning Micheal Ironside, recognizes and spells out the sad truth all of us know deep inside: Snake has finally retired. And with him, retires Metal Gear, at least Metal Gear as we know it.

A moment of self-reflection is necessary, a time for all of us to wonder, full of doubt, about the future of the kind of gameplay that franchises like Metal Gear and Splinter Cell have mastered. But no, to you Snake, we all tip our hats and bandannas. Sleep well, and may the flights of stealth-jets sing thee to thy rest.

Kojima, of course, is going to be just fine. His new studio is reportedly working hard on Death Stranding and we all await his new, marvelous (and likely completely insane) creation, with bated breath. Though fearful, we know that an end of a saga, is just the beginning of a new one.