On Mars

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  • Language: Polish
  • Players: 1 - 4
  • Age Level: 14+
  • Play time: 2h to 3h

On Mars will allow you to play the role of the head of one of the private space exploration and colonization companies. You will become pioneers in your profession. Your goal will be to develop the largest, most advanc ...

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  • Min. Number of Players:1
  • Max. Number of Players:4
  • Mechanics:Area control, Pick-up & deliver, Worker placement, Tile-placement, Hand management
  • Theme:Sci-Fi
  • Type of player:For expert players, For geeks
  • Age Level:14+
  • Language:Polish
  • Game Type:Economy, Strategy
  • Play time:2h to 3h
  • Brand:HOBBITY.eu
Product description

Product description

On Mars will allow you to play the role of the head of one of the private space exploration and colonization companies. You will become pioneers in your profession. Your goal will be to develop the largest, most advanced, self-sustaining and independent of any terrestrial corporation on Mars, thus achieving OMDE's mission statement as well as the hidden goal of your own corporation. To do this, everyone will strive to develop the main colony established in 2034 by the Organization for Mars Development and Exploration - OMDE, which will be the gateway to a wider exploration of the red globe.

By bringing new settlers to Mars and managing them properly, you will be able to discover new territories; extract resources hidden beneath its surface; and manage the construction, power supply and modernization of buildings such as: oxygen factories, power plants and mines. The goal of mankind on a new planet is to learn to value water, air, and other vital necessities more than money. Do you dare to take part in the next greatest conquest of mankind?

On Mars is played in turns, divided into phases. You will decide together which of the OMDE goals will be realized during the game; what will be the initial distribution of colonists in the colonies available at the beginning of the game; and what initial community buildings and materials the Earth must provide and authorize. This makes it possible to carry out many different variants of the starting system, which encourages repeated attempts to colonize the alien planet.

You will then receive a common limited set of actions that you can perform on your turn, and the resources provided by the Earth that you selected in the previous step. According to the order of the game, you will be able to perform one action. The actions available to players are: erecting buildings; production of planetary rovers and ships: acquisition, purchase and sale of materials; planet exploration; and conducting research. You need to plan your activities carefully as buildings consume energy and some of the buildings of the later phases cannot be erected by you at all before the power plants.

Different actions have different costs. Some are assigned to workers (it uses the worker placement, known by other titles); to others he places cards; some require the use of a scientist or specialist with an engineering degree. Each action is additionally associated with the use of limited energy resources. An important element is therefore the appropriate management of energy generators and power plants, and devoting efforts to their expansion. Buildings require appropriate resources to build, which you will have to buy or obtain from the house. In order to use the buildings, you will need to assign workers to them, energize them and supply them with oxygen.

You will need to provide your workers with sufficient oxygen, food and water to survive and function, and shelter from the inhospitable conditions of the planet. Additionally, you will be considering storing these resources for later use so that the colonies can continue to develop and expand their populations. Once all players have performed their actions, the parameters of each colony will be adjusted according to the prevailing conditions.

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