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    Overwatch 2 (Standard Edition) - Battle.net Key - GLOBAL - 1
    Overwatch 2 (Standard Edition) - Battle.net Key - GLOBAL - 1
    Overwatch 2 (Standard Edition) - Battle.net Key - GLOBAL - 2
    Overwatch 2 (Standard Edition) - Battle.net Key - GLOBAL - 3
    Overwatch 2 (Standard Edition) - Battle.net Key - GLOBAL - 4

    Overwatch 2 (Standard Edition) - Battle.net Key - GLOBAL



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    Overwatch 2 is a first-person shooter action game, in which the player controls one of several “heroes”. O2 adds several new mechanics to the gameplay, including new modes, improved graphics, and character designs as well as story-based missions.

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    • Overwatch 2 is a first-person shooter multiplayer game, developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. The game is the sequel to highly popular Overwatch, released in 2016. In O2, the player controls one of „the Heroes” – individuals who possess unique abilities.  Their task is to complete various missions in teamwork-based gameplay. Overwatch 2 adds several new gameplay mechanics, including PVE matches, story missions, as well as new characters and cosmetic changes to already existing ones.

      Gameplay old and new

      The core mechanics of Overwatch 2 remain unchanged in comparison to the first installment of the game. The game still relies on a teamwork-based FPS gameplay, with players choosing their characters and competing in a variety of modes. The characters are divided into classes: Damage, Tank and Support, each with their own applications during the mission. Heroes possess special abilities, called Ultimates, which they can use during the match, often tipping the scale of victory. Some of these special abilities require a cooldown period before they can be used again.

      First person perspective in Overwatch 2

      The players will be able to participate in all the team-vs-team modes known from the previous installment. However, the sequel introduces new ones as well. The first and foremost is PvE (Player-vs-Environment) mode, long-awaited by fans. PvE allows teams of players to take on A.I. opponents in missions. Overwatch 2 adds story and hero missions. In the first ones, the players will face A.I. opponents in plot-driven matches, with a predetermined set of available characters. Hero missions will allow the player to choose their favorite character and play them against the A.I. in randomized circumstances.

      Another new mode is Push. In it, the player escorts a robot along the markers, while under assault from the enemy team. The points are awarded for the distance the player managed to cover before the robot was taken over by the opposition. Other new gameplay features include carrying over the levels of characters from the previous game, and Hero Progression mechanic, which allows the player to upgrade their character with special “Talents”.

      Heroes assemble!

      The players have at their disposal a selection of heroes divided into three classes: Damage – agile and with high DPS ratio, but weak on the defensive side. This class is represented by fan favorites like superfast Tracer, Widowmaker – an excellent sharpshooter and McCree – a Wild West gunslinger. The Tank class relies on heavy damage and are not so easily taken down. O2 tanks include Winston, an intelligent gorilla, D.Va, a young mech pilot, and Bastion, a heavily armed robot. Last, but not the least, there are Support characters, specializing in healing their comrades and buffing the team’s strengths. Support characters returning in O2 are Mercy, Zenyatta, and Ana. 

      Game screen

      Overwatch 2 introduces new characters to the roster. These include a robotic-looking Echo, and Sojourn, a Canadian-based hero and former captain of the Overwatch.

      The story of the Overwatch

      Long ago, a worldwide crisis put the entire planet in danger. What later became known as Omnic Crisis lead the governments of the world to create programs involving superheroes to counter it. Seeing the number of programs spiraling out of control, the United Nations formed the Overwatch, a task force made of heroes, with the purpose of protecting the Earth from any danger. After a series of incidents, which culminated in the destruction of the Overwatch’s headquarters, the governments of the world disbanded the formation. Now, the heroes are needed again. As Earth faces another crisis, the scattered members of the Overwatch must unite to protect the world once again.

      Key features

      • Return to the world of Overwatch and experience one of the best multiplayer FPS experiences available.
      • Explore the new chapter in the history of the Overwatch
      • Choose your character from returning heroes and new arrivals and try them out in battle
      • Upgrade your hero to gain an additional edge in battle
      • Experience new and updated modes: PvE and Push
    • Below are the minimum and recommended system specifications for Overwatch 2 (Standard Edition) - Battle.net Key - GLOBAL. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for Overwatch 2 (Standard Edition) - Battle.net Key - GLOBAL may change over time.
    • English
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