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      Oxygen Not Included Steam Gift GLOBAL
      Oxygen (PC) - Steam Gift - GLOBAL
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      • Control your colony in several aspects such as hunger, waste, and oxygen levels to keep them alive. The world of each game is created 100% randomly. While the initial areas will include a breathable atmosphere, many other zones within the world will be oxygen empty or have low oxygen. Prepare your colonizers properly before they explore these areas. The game simulates the diffusion of gases and the atmospheric pressure.

        Establish a perfect colony! Guide the colonizers in various different situations. You can’t control the settlers directly but you provide them with priorities that they should follow, according to their abilities. Some colonists should obtain resources and others should cultivate food, manufacture equipment, research new technologies, and maintain their own health through proper nutrition, comfortable environment, and hygiene. Follow the status of each colonizer to see how effective they are in performing their tasks. Prioritize the assignments which require more skills. The proficiencies of colonizers can be improved over time and with practice.

        Survival and simulation game!

        Oxygen Not Included is all about managing a space colony. Your goal is to build a base under the surface of an asteroid (procedurally generated) while collecting resources and surviving the difficulties. Despite having a very unique, cartoonish look, the game is really complex. One of the basic mechanics is controls the oxygen, which you must direct around the base by placing pipes. But it is not the only thing: you also have to monitor the temperature in the base, or stress of your characters.

        Gameplay and storyline

        Oxygen Not Included is a strategy game that mixes the real-time with the turn-based strategy, supported by many survival touches. Control three characters transported into an asteroid and help them survive harsh conditions. Remember that you only have a small space around you so you will have to go looking for resources, convert everything into food and water and look for oxygen so that your three protagonists can survive.

        Each element that surrounds your protagonists has an important role. Control a large number of parameters, such as temperature or material properties to learn about various interactions. For example, ice can melt if heat is applied, but it will also create a lot of very high-temperature steam that in very closed places can cause the death of your characters.

        Start playing with gases, liquids and solids so that you can create a self-sufficient base! This is not an easy task, since you must manage electricity, drinking water, the oxygen, and even the waste generated by your protagonists.


        Deep within a rock floating through extraterrestrial space, your industrious team will need to master science, adapt to strange new ways of life, and take advantage of incredible space technology to survive and prosper. Take care of wonderful, vivid characters and save them from death!

        Opinion and receptions

        Oxygen Not Included was developed by the same authors that produced the famous Don’t Starve game. It is perceived as a demanding and funny survival & management title filled with cartoon graphics. The game gets numerous positive reviews and comments, and has high scores on the Steam platform.

        Key features:

        • An amazing survival & simulation experience
        • A randomly generated world filled with numerous obstacles to overcome
        • The colony needs to be controlled in such aspects like hunger, waste, and oxygen levels
        • Unique, cartoon-style graphics

        Release Date: 2017-05-18

        Early Access: Yes

      • Below are the minimum and recommended system specifications for Oxygen Not Included Steam Gift GLOBAL. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for Oxygen Not Included Steam Gift GLOBAL may change over time.
      • English
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