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Pagan Online is an action-hack and slash game for PC, developed by Mad Head Games and published by Wargaming. The game draws heavy inspiration from classics of the genre like the Diablo series. The game is set in the wor ...

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    Pagan Online is an action-hack and slash game for PC, developed by Mad Head Games and published by Wargaming. The game draws heavy inspiration from classics of the genre like the Diablo series. The game is set in the world of Pantheon, where mighty heroes face each other in epic battles. The player can choose from one of 10 customizable heroes and participate in battle against countless enemies, utilizing their characters’ unique skills and abilities.

    Intense hack and slash gameplay

    Pagan Online’s gameplay is demanding and it will take the player hours to fully master al of its features. The game incorporates some of the hack and slash game mechanics known from other titles from this genre, but also adds a unique spin on them. The player move their character using the keyboard and attacks with the mouse. Such a solution makes the action even more intense, while also enabling better control of the character’s behavior on the map. The player can also choose the point-and-click and controller as their main schemes. Along the way, the player will encounter various objects they can interact with. These objects vary between chests of different content, shrines, which grant random buffs, and more.   

    Fighting in Pagan Online

    Variety of game modes

    Pagan Online offers several game modes for the player to enjoy. In the campaign mode, the player can play through the story of the game. In Expedition mode, the player is fighting from point to point defeating monsters, with an Elite Monster boss awaiting after clearing the last point. Patrol mode is similar to the expedition, with the player moving between points and clearing them all to face the final boss. Survival mode has the player face waves of monsters, with an elite monster serving as the final enemy. In Defense mode, the task is to defend a structure with limited life points from waves of enemies. Assassinations mode offers the player a chance to get good loot but requires special keys to unlock missions in this mode.  

    Collect all the loot!

    Collecting items dropped by defeated enemies is an important aspect of playing Pagan Online. While proceeding through the game, the player will face increasingly difficult foes. Defeating them will be impossible without appropriate gear. The items the player can collect are divided into five categories: base, magic, rare, epic and legendary. Each category holds weapons, charms, wards, and other useful items to help in battle. The player can also collect materials, with which they can craft items.

    Fighting in Pagan Online

    Ten heroes to choose from

    In PO, the player can choose from ten distinct characters to use. Each of these classes have their own unique skills and stats, which can be upgraded by gaining experience points and developing the characters' ability tree. The playable characters available in the game include, among others: Kingewitch, a melee-oriented berserker-type warrior, Anya, who specializes in ranged and AOE attacks, Istok, a tank-type, Morokh, master of stealthy assassinations, Lukian, who fights with ranged magical attacks, Masha, a bard-like melee character,  and Hector, who uses his blunderbuss and fire-based attacks with deadly accuracy.

    Intriguing story

    When the Ancient Gods abandoned the world, it was only a matter of time when monsters would come from the Fog. Sensing the absence of those who used to ward them off, the beasts swarmed the lands, destroying everything in their path. The havoc wrought in the land of the living reached the Pantheon, realm of heroes. Those who had died in battle ages ago rise again to find the gods and stop the ancient evil from spreading across the lands.


    Pagan Online received favorable reviews from the critics, who praised the game’s mechanics, interesting character design, inspired by Slavic mythology and a serviceable story campaign. The player also responded well to the title, especially to the interchangeable control scheme.

    Key features

    • Enter the world of Pantheon and save it from the ancient evil
    • Choose from ten customizable characters, with different sets of skills and attributes
    • Fight monsters and gain experience to develop your warrior
    • Collect materials and craft items to become even stronger
    • Enjoy several game modes, such as Patrol, Defense, and Assassination

    Early Access: true

    Release Date: 2019-04-17

  • Below are the minimum and recommended system specifications for Pagan Online Steam Gift NORTH AMERICA. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for Pagan Online Steam Gift NORTH AMERICA may change over time.
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