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Northgard Steam Key GLOBAL

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Liczba ofert: 13

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Opis produktu

Opis produktu

Surviving experience

Discover the land filled with mystery, danger, riches, and warring clans of Northmen who have sailed to explore and conquer new shores. Will you bring pain to your clan, writing history through your conquest, trade, and devotion to the gods? Or will you be defeated, meeting Odin in Valhalla? Deal with harsh conditions on the island, save up food and wood for winter, and constantly keep your fingers crossed that a blizzard isn’t coming. Guard your territory accurately because other clans are slowly expanding their way closer to your home. Also, remember that there are a lot of wolves and bears lurking among surrounding wood. Wild animals will attack you just when you let your guard down. Luckily, Northgard offers you three different types of military units, a war chief, and defense towers to help you hold down your fort.

Advanced technology tree

Each clan has its unique abilities which you can easily upgrade in different ways.These upgrades are bought by lore, which can be collected from rune stones around the map. Clans also gain bonuses as they increase they fame. Fame is sort of a war power as you gain it from various discoveries, colonization, and battles. Although, you can have the lowest fame and still win a match of Northgard.

Many different paths to victory

There are four different ways to win the game. Decide if you want to be master of trade, fame, domination or wisdom, and use those skills to achieve victory. Each clan specializes in a different path. Choose a wolf clan to develop your domination skills and fight epic battles.

Multiple ways to play

When you create a match, you can play single-player mode. Choose clans for the AI players or choose which victory conditions are in effect. You could have a huge fight to the death in all-out domination or allow only semi-peaceful trade victory. These victory conditions can also be changed in multiplayer games, helping balance everything else. Selecting the game difficulty will alter the harshness of winter and how many resources your people consume. It also increases the population of spawning creatures. Divide players into two different teams, choose free-for-all or choose duel mode.

Take care of happiness

The happiness of you Vikings is very important as It is directly connected to the spawn rate of new workers. Not managing your happiness properly could easily result in your clan not receiving any new people. In such circumstances, none of your production can grow, less buildings can be constructed at a time, and your military certainly isn’t going to increase in size. Happiness increases from a variety of things such as breweries, blessings from the gods, and upgrading your buildings. Different clans sometimes have additional ways to earn happiness. In addition to being able to upgrade buildings with stone, mining iron will allow you to upgrade the tools that your Vikings use, and thus make their work more efficient.

Eye-catching graphics

Beautiful artwork style is easy on the eyes and it doesn’t take away from the fantastic strategy game that Northgard truly is. Lovely, green, lush land provides valuable resources and engages you to build complex buildings. Detailed, breathtaking textures present beautiful forests, frozen lakes and high mountains. Raw villages will let you feel the harsh climate of nature and the difficult, north conditions. Northgard gameplay is pleasant and relaxing but also demanding at the same time.

Key features

  • Beautifully designed, RTS Viking game that offers absorbing gameplay
  • Different modes of gameplay in which you have to take care of your village
  • Four different paths to achieve victory
  • Engaging battles, social development and animal hunting
  • A complex system of upgrades which allows improving the technology
  • Northgard receives high scores on Steam
  • Variety of clans preferring different solutions
  • Single player and multiplayer mode, and many duel options
Wymagania systemowe

Wymagania systemowe

Poniżej znajdują się minimalne i zalecane wymagania sprzętowe dla Northgard Steam Key GLOBAL. Wymagania minimalne Northgard Steam Key GLOBAL mogą ulec zmianie z przyczyn programistycznych.

Minimalne wymagania

  • ProcessorIntel 2.0ghz Core 2 Duo or equivalent
  • GraphicsNvidia 450 GTS / Radeon HD 5750 or better
  • Memory1 GB RAM
  • Disk space400 MB
  • SystemWindows Vista or better

Zalecane wymagania

  • ProcessorIntel i5 3.1 Ghz Quad core
  • GraphicsNvidia GTX 660 / Radeon HD 7800 or better
  • Memory2 GB RAM
  • Disk space400 MB
  • SystemWindows 7 or better


Niemiecki, Francuski, Angielski

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