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    Golf It! (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

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    Golf It! is a miniature golf simulator for up to 8 players. Invite your friends and spend many hours competing with each other. If you don’t have any actual friends to play with, don’t worry. There is a large community w ...

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      Golf It! (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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      • Golf It! is a miniature golf simulator for up to 8 players. Invite your friends and spend many hours competing with each other. If you don’t have any actual friends to play with, don’t worry. There is a large community with open servers waiting for you. The game features online multiplayer ranging from 1 to 8 players. Engrossing gameplay and expanded multiplayer mode guarantee hours of pleasant entertainment. Achieve as many holes as possible, discover various maps and compete with your friends. Get ready for infinite laughter and check out who will win the game.

        Golf It!

        Difficult maps and complex editors

        Golf It! features 5 courses with 18 holes. Each map is unique and challenging, but if that’s not good enough for you, you can create your own course in the course editor. With over 1000 placeable items you can create a perfect course and upload it to the Steam Workshop.

        Colorful, playful maps make the game visually exciting and enjoyable. Each course is different enough from the others to not be repetitive. Maps are designed to be simple to play with a number of tracks and obstacles to overcome. These range from traditional bunkers, windmills, and shoots, to less traditional things such as conveyor belts, circular saws, and even a Sphinx. Play mini-golf in the middle of the forest, desert, and fantasy land. The level editor supports a multiplayer mode, so you can create new maps together with your friends.

        Different server options and gameplay modes

        Choose between joining an open server or hosting your own. If you want to play by yourself you’ll have to host a server and set the max players to one. When hosting a server, you have the options for a classic match or custom match. You can change the number of strokes allowed, time limit per hole, and much more with additional settings to come in future updates. Customize your ball by changing or adding hats and trails. It is even possible to put a crab on your ball, so prepare yourself for tons of fun. Skins are expected in the future.

        Golf It!

        Develop your golfing technique

        Once you are in a game, shooting a ball takes a fair bit of skill. Click and draw your mouse back, then push it forward. The further you draw the club and the faster you swing forward, the further the ball will go. It’s just like in a real golf! You do play the traditional rules so you need to get around in the least shots possible. Your prize is simply kudos among your fellow players. Bank the corners, skim across water, and even get shot out of cannons to make it to the hole. Whoever has the lowest score after 18 holes is the winner. The game is real fun, it’s very fluent and it allows all players to play simultaneously. Feel similar to when you used to run around crazy golf courses with your brothers and sisters as a kid.

        Key features:

        • A complex mini-golf simulator
        • A variety of different maps and courses
        • Multiplayer mode which allows inviting up to 8 friends
        • Course customization tool, ball customization options, and uploading your courses to Steam Workshop
        • Realistic ball physics
        • Challenging courses with different obstacles
        • Plenty of server options: host a game for many players or play single player mode
        • Over 1000 items available in a course editor
        • Classic matches and custom matches

        Data wydania: 2017-02-17

        Wczesny dostęp: TAK

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