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    Risen Steam Key GLOBAL

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      Risen Steam Key GLOBAL
      Risen 2: Dark Waters Gold Edition (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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      • Risen is an action role-playing video game developed by Piranha Bytes and released by Deep Silver in 2009 for PC and Xbox 360. It is the first project of the creators after the end of the famous Gothic series. Travel to the Faranga island and choose your side in the conflict between the titans and humans. Engage in a complex storyline and become part of a plot that will change this magical world! Risen collects very positive reviews on Steam. Fans of the game find many similarities to the Gothic series and although it is an independent title - it is a pleasant addition to this legendary series.



        When your ship crashes in a storm, you find yourself on a mysterious island. And although your goal is only survival, you will soon find yourself drawn into an intrigue involving the largest factions ruling the island of Faranga. Set off on a journey through this exotic land, encounter its people, and discover the details of the ancient conflict between humans, gods, and mighty titans.


        Play as an anonymous hero who has crashed on the mysterious Faranga island. While the first minutes of gameplay are the proper introduction to the Risen game, this is where you'll learn the basic moves and commands. Set off on a journey of your life across an immersive open world of the exotic island! Get ready for gorgeous sights, charming characters, and an incredibly addictive storyline. Faranga is quite a small area, but the multitude of activities and locations ensures long hours of satisfying gameplay. Explore the dungeons, sunny beaches, and grassy meadows. Meet the inhabitants of the volcanic island and engage in their stories. Then become one of them and take part in a masterfully constructed plot!

        Keep your eyes open as the island is full of threats. Get ready for brutal confrontations with wild beasts! The more combat experience you gain, the further you will travel on your epic journey. Choose your faction and complete quests from its members to gain experience and continue the adventure. Develop your skills, learn spells and become a weapon master. Earn money for completed tasks and get better and better weapons. Soon you will become one of the most recognizable heroes of this epic story!


        Risen is atmospheric gameplay that will take you to the magical world of magic. You will visit many lovely places, admire the graphics and enjoy a great soundtrack. It is also worth mentioning the author of the dialogues in the English version is Rhianna Pratchett - the daughter of the famous writer Terry Pratchett. What's more, Gothic fans say some features of this title are more Gothic than Gothic itself. All these components create replayable gameplay for many hours of RPG fun.

        Key features:

        • Play an action role-playing game from the creators of Gothic
        • Focus on survival to discover the following chapters of your adventure
        • Choose your faction and complete quests to earn gold and experience
        • Discover the details of the complex storyline and meet its heroes
        • Fight and learn magic to develop skills

        Data wydania: 2009-10-30

      • Poniżej znajdują się minimalne i zalecane specyfikacje systemowe produktu Risen Steam Key GLOBAL. Ze względu na potencjalne zmiany programistyczne, minimalne wymagania systemowe produktu Risen Steam Key GLOBAL mogą z czasem ulec zmianie.
      • niemiecki
      • Ograniczenia:

        ESRB Mature
        PEGI 16

        Deskryptory treści:

        Wulgarny język
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