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    The Sims 3: Supernatural EA App Key GLOBAL

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    Welcome to the world of magic, courtesy of the supernatural expansion for the Sims 3. Walk the line between the human and monster, and customize your sim into a supernatural creature.

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      • Enjoy casting spells, potion making, and conjuring all sorts of magic. Decorate your home to fit the spooky theme using a variety of magical and non-magical items.

        The Sims 3: Supernatural

        The Sims 3: Supernatural is an expansion pack that introduces the element of magic into the lives of your Sims. From now on, you can make your Sims be legendary creatures such as werewolves, vampires, witches, etc. Charm your house with gothic décor and put a spell on your Sims with magic potions and hexes. Visit the new location of Moonlight Falls, filled with magical mysteries waiting for you to explore them. The Sims 3: Supernatural received positive reviews, with critics praising the theme of the expansion and the amount of additional content.

        The Sims 3: Supernatural mirror

        Embrace the monster within

        The Sims 3: Supernatural allows you to fashion your people into a virtual Addams family. Your Sims can be night-stalking vampires and werewolves, powerful witches and wizards, putting spells on their neighbors, and other supernatural beings, each possessing their own set of traits and skills. The expansion adds multiple new body modifications, clothes, and items to make your characters fit the theme. To make the gothic-style picture complete, you can also decorate your house to look like something out of a horror novel, using regular or magical items.

        Welcome to Spookesville

        Aside from altering the looks of your Sims and decorating your crib, Supernatural gives you plenty of things to do. The new location, Moonlight Falls, is a town filled with spooky secrets and mysteries. When the moon is full, it reveals its gothic side, with ghosts and other creatures roaming the street. Whether you want to join them in the monster parade or barricade yourself at home, clutching the crucifix is entirely up to you.

        The Sims 3: Supernatural


        The Sims 3: Supernatural received a positive reception from the critics. The reviewers praised the gothic theme of the expansion, noting the wide range of new customization options. The funny, Halloween feel of the game was also noted as one of the positives. The critics pointed out that the departure from the mundane day-to-day life of the sims could potentially draw in the players who had already given up on the series.

        Key features

        • A supernatural theme will entice the fans of horror stories.
        • Create a Sim that will haunt the nightmares of their neighbors.
        • Visit Moonlight Falls, a town full of occult secrets.
        • Decorate your house in a true gothic fashion.
        • Practice magic and make potions to wow your friends.

        Data wydania: 2012-11-20

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        ESRB Teen
        PEGI 12

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