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There are thousands of games on Steam, across all genres, and many different graphic styles. To sift through them in search of gems would take too long. On the other hand, it takes just a little while to take a look at the selection of the best games on Steam.

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Best Steam Games

To get started you may want to check out the Call of Duty series, including the CoD: Black Ops subseries. It’s a high-octane action movie in a first-person shooter form. It’s full of tightly directed sequences, solid voice acting, and excellent gunfights.

If fantasy and role-playing games are more to your liking, consider TES V: Skyrim, an open world adventure in a harsh land inspired by the Viking-era Scandinavia. There are also plenty of dragons, you can shout people to death, and pursue a career as blacksmith, alchemist, enchanter, or a no-good vagabond, if you want to.

If you’re looking for a more relaxed experience, there are some good games on Steam for you too. Fall Guys is the hit of 2020, a friendly game full of funny, physics-based puzzles and harmless PvP. For a less PvP-focused experience there’s Human: Fall Flat, a game mostly about solving physics-based puzzles by controlling some endearingly uncoordinated jelly people.

There’s even something for people who want a challenge. Starting with the ever-popular Dark Souls series, where death comes easily, victories are hard earned, and the world is brutal, rich in detail covered in cobwebs and dust of ages long gone. On a more positive front, there’s the colourful, lively Monster Hunter: World which has you fight and capture massive beasts with a creative arsenal of oversized weapons on your back and a cat companion by your side.

Of course there’s much more to find, from many more genres. Crusader Kings III for fans of complex and comprehensive simulation of a medieval dynasty. Terraria for people who want to build cool things in a pixel-art 2D world. You can roam a zombie-infested city in Dying Light, or roam a post-apocalyptic wasteland in Fallout 4. You can conquer the world one turn at a time in Civilization, and dance with the demons, shotgun in your hand in Doom. There are post-apo packages to deliver in the bizarre Death Stranding.

These just a few of the top-tier games Steam has to offer.

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