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KLIM AIM Chroma RGB Gaming Mouse - Wired USB - Adjustable 500 to 7000 DPI - Programmable Buttons

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    Descriere produs

    Descriere produs

    The KLIM Aim is our latest high precision gaming mouse model. It has a state of the art sensor with just 2ms of response time. Provices high performance, being also ultra comfortable thanks to a special coating, which provides a better feeling of grip. Adjustable from 500 to 7000 DPI, you will find without any problem the sensitivity that suits you best. For KLIM Aim, we thought of left-handed players because it is an ambidextrous mouse. With its very neat design, you will enjoy a fully customizable RGB backlight thanks to our very detailed driver.

    TAKE YOUR GAMING TO THE NEXT LEVEL. Good equipment isn’t everything, but a good mouse will allow you to game at your full potential. The KLIM AIM gaming mouse offers you maximum precision for gaming. Boasting a new coating to improve your grip + a last generation optical sensor with 2ms response time + ergonomics tailored to perfect mouse control.

    TAKE CONTROL. Our in-house KLIM driver (Windows only) will allow you to choose the colours of the lights, the different effects, mouse sensitivity, to create your own macros and configure buttons just how you want them. The driver also allows you to increase the maximum number of DPI from 3500 to 7000. The colour effects are quite varied, the KLIM Aim will be a real light-show. That being said, the mouse will be perfectly functional without the driver.

    OPTIMISE YOUR PRECISION. This mouse can highly influence your gaming level, that’s why we wanted to offer the most precise mouse possible. The most important thing in a mouse is its sensor, which determines the precision with which the mouse obeys your movements. Some manufacturers offer pretty mice but increase profits by offering lower end sensors. The KLIM AIM is equipped with the most precise sensor available on the market.

    RISK FREE PURCHASE. Our gaming mouse was built to last. In any case we offer English language customer service with a 24h response time and an exceptional 5 year warranty instead of the 2 year legal minimum. This is undoubtedly a risk free purchase, and you can buy it with complete peace of mind.

    STAY COMFORTABLE. Whether you’re left or right handed this mouse will be comfortable. Its design is refined. The KLIM Aim and the KLIM Skill both allow you to choose whichever grip type is most comfortable for you. We’ve also added Teflon coating for perfect grip. This mouse was ergonomically designed to prevent wrist tendinitis which is affecting more and more gamers.

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