• PewDiePie

    Holder of the Guinness World Record for The Most Subscribed Channel on Youtube - over 16 millions subscribers! Loves to laugh, play and share his best gaming moments with all his bros :)

  • Siv HD

    Even if you haven't played League of Legends you should know him very well for his charity activities. If you ARE playing LoL, well in this case SivHD needs no further introduction :)

  • Ocelote

    One of the most popular streamers on the Twitch.tv platform. Passionate gamer with a big heart. He also owns 26 scarvs and is proud about it :)

  • Athene

    A true gamer and one of the people with the biggest hearts on earth! Last year he helped Save the Children and managed to raise over $7 millions :)

  • KSI

    The UK's larger than life character KSI is a YouTube sensation. He's passionate about making great content for his fans, writing music, comedy and supporting good causes.

  • Dendi

    Pro Dota 2 player known for his brightness, charisma, and great relations with fans. Undoubtedly one of the best solo-minders on the planet!

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  • PhantomL0rd

    One of the most popular streamers, reaching 143k+ viewers at once. He has beaten Mike "Wickd" Petersen (playing for Alliance), who previously held the record for the largest personal stream of all time with 137,769 concurrent peak viewers.

  • Avant Garde

    Australian eSports Organization collecting some of the best teams in the Oceania to rally under one banner. They compete in 7 different titles and is one of the most prominent Esports Organization in Australia.

  • JackFrags

    Jack is a lover of all things Multiplayer. Passionate about original content, creative ideas, songs, and epic gameplay. Ex Counter-Strike Pro and connoisseur of Strawberry cheesecake!

  • Curse

    A gaming organization spanning multiple games, and countries. One of the most popular esports team in North America with teams playing for League of Legends, Heartstone, Call of Duty.

  • Carnage Cohh

    Streams fulltime but he is also the Lead Designer for an up-coming computer game - https://www.facebook.com/ ProjectResurgence - a CRPG! He plays primarily MMOs and new games if they look interesting!

  • Ellohime

    The Viking Lord Ellohime is a consistent streamer who loves to interact with his fans and create great content. In his free time Adam is enjoying eSports and nice game of Heartstone :)