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      • Your squad leader shouts orders in your ear, because your unit still hasn't completed the assignment. Your FOB is far behind you, but this is the final push. This isn't scripted. This is the reality of playing Squad, an online multiplayer tactical first-person shooter by Offworld Industries.

        Class-based multiplayer

        You can pick one of over a dozen class kits, each designed to fulfill a specific role on the battlefield. Grab a classic like medic or sniper, but there are more waiting for you. Be the one responsible for reconnaissance, have the tools to counter tanks and air vehicles, or dedicate yourself to handling said vehicles. It is up to you, but you will be expected to obey orders and have an exemplary service record either way.


        Chain of command

        Gone are the days when the battlefield is full of individuals. Squad, true to its name, puts emphasis on working as a unit to achieve things no individual soldier would be able to. Your squad (PC) leader is the only one who can communicate with other units, set up ad hoc respawn locations, and even coordinate construction of encampments.The difference between a good and bad SL is the difference between life and death on the battlefield and during Squad gameplay. Can you handle the responsibility, or you're prefer to see others take it upon themselves?


        You don't have to pound the ground all the time. Keep your strength for the fight. Your SL can request vehicles to speed up your journey from one rally point to the next. Armored trucks, motorbikes, APCs, there are even helicopters, if it is what your unit really needs to do your job.Just remember: they aren't infinite, the other squads may request them too, and you are all one team.


        Dynamic frontlines

        You never stay long in one place if you have to. Your squad leaders can set up rally points and forward operating bases to push the frontline ever closer to your ultimate goal.Rally points will be your ad hoc respawn points, while FOBs are fortified and give you a good positions should your enemy go on the offensive.

        Game modes

        Squad has several exciting game modes that will test you and your squad. In Advance and Secure your goal is to capture and hold Control Points in certain order. Insurgency will have you destroy enemy weapon caches thanks to intel gathered through killing foes. In Territory Control you have to reclaim land from the opposing team within time limit. Finally Conquest makes you capture flags, while your respawn tickets drain away.

        No handholding

        Squad gameplay doesn't care for any of the visual aids other games give you. No minimap, no heads-up display cluttering the screen, no convenient enemy highlighting in any way. You don't even see your squad mates' name tags. It's just you, your wits, and the trust that your squad leader knows what needs to be done.

        Key features:

        Squad is a realistic, demanding, squad-based first-person shooter focused on communication and coordination between separate units. Kill enemies, complete objectives, be a good soldier.

        Squad features

        • Several weapon categories - assault rifles, light machine guns, shotguns and more. Over 40 different weapons for you to pick for your loadout
        • Varied game modes - attack, defend, and capture. Each game mode introduces a new combat scenario, and new tactics to go with it
        • Vehicles - don’t want to go on foot? Hop into a helicopter your squad leader has requested from the HQ
        • Deep tactical gameplay - as a squad leader you can coordinate with other SLs to organize two-pronged assaults and other maneuvers
        • Fun and realistic - Squad strikes the point of perfect balance between the immediate rewards of popular shooters and the depth of military simulators

        Release Date: 2015-12-14

        Early Access: Yes

      • Below are the minimum and recommended system specifications for Squad Steam Key GLOBAL. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for Squad Steam Key GLOBAL may change over time.
      • English
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