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Star Wars Hovering Speaker Death Star

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    Product description

    Product description

    about your Star Wars Hovering Speaker Death Star

    Epic hovering Bluetooth speaker shaped like the Death Star!

    Officially licensed product

    Hovers with the help of electromagnetism, you can put it into motion and get it to rotate while it hovers

    The speaker does not need to be on for it to rotate. It is enough that the base unit be connected to power

    Speaker power: 5W

    The speaker driver is inside the Death Star

    Battery time up to 5 hours, charging time: 2 hours

    The Death Star runs on a built-in, rechargeable battery that charges via the included Micro-USB cable.

    The base unit connects to the wall outlet with the included power adapter

    Input: DC5V-1A (speaker), DC12V-2A (base plate)

    Can play music while it charges

    Dimensions, Death Star: 9.5 cm in diameter

    Dimensions, base unit: 14.3 x 14.2 x 3 cm

    Connects to mobile telephones, tablet computers, computers via Bluetooth, range up to 10 metres depending on environment

    N.B.! During prolonged use, the base unit can get warm, which affects the electromagnetism that keeps the Death Star hovering. If the Death Star stops hovering, allow the base unit to cool somewhat before continuing to use it. It will soon hover again with no trouble.

    Package includes:

    Death Star Bluetooth speaker and base unit

    Support for placing the Death Star correctly over the base plate

    Micro USB cable for charging

    Power adapter for supplying the base unit with current

    User manual

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