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      • Stellaris: Overlord is an expansion pack for the 4X Stellaris strategy video game, developed by Paradox Development Studio and released by Paradox Interactive in 2022 for PC. Join the monumental battles for galactic supremacy and forge your mighty empire! This add-on will provide you with tools and features that make it even easier to conquer new worlds and rule entire planets. Choose from five new origins and decide on the complex nature of your gameplay. And if you want, go on a journey to locate the unknown and use discoveries for your profit. In Stellaris Overlord DLC, you are the sole master of your strategic gameplay. Take this power into your own hands and use it to win.

        Stellaris: Overlord

        Play Stellaris

        In this epic strategic video game, you will choose your nation and direct its development as you please. Set off on a journey through unknown regions of space or settle on a selected planet and develop the technology. Build an army, grow your empire, take care of trade and engage in diplomacy. A crucial Stellaris feature is massive intergalactic battles, during which you will defend your nation or conquer new worlds. The map is procedurally generated, so each trip into the galaxy can bring valuable discoveries and tragic losses.

        Become victorious

        Stellaris: Overlord is epic downloadable content for anyone who dreams of great power and eternal glory. Use new features to manage your empire and successfully conquer new planets. Learn the laws of vassalization and sign contracts that bring pure profit. Does someone disagree with your opinion? Think about it, or suppress a possible revolt before it grows to enormous proportions. Only you are the master of your empire, and only you decide what kind of future awaits it.

        Stellaris: Overlord

        Five new intros

        In addition, you will discover entirely new types of origins that determine the beginning of your gameplay. Discover the secrets of each of them and use them to your advantage! Become the rightful ruler or embark on a journey to investigate the mysteries of the quantum catapult. And if you want, choose a Hive-type empire or learn the secrets of the Teachers of the Shroud. And in the last intro, you will play a nation adapted to life underground, just proceeding to conquer the galaxy.

        Greater opportunities

        In Stellaris: Overlord, everything is greater - including your chances for conquest. Embark on a journey through the galaxy and discover unknown structures and secrets. Use them for technological development and prove yourself as the only ruler. Find completely new objects that will ensure your victory in combat and diplomacy. And decide - will you become a charismatic leader or an oppressor?

        Key features:

        • Play a full expansion pack offering new tools and features to conquer the galaxy
        • Use vassalization laws to ensure diplomatic and economic victory
        • Choose from five new introductions to create your legend in the galaxy
        • Develop technology and use it in combat
        • Explore space in search of new resources and secrets

        Release Date: 2022-05-12

      • Below are the minimum and recommended system specifications for Stellaris: Overlord (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for Stellaris: Overlord (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL may change over time.
      • Restrictions:

        PEGI 7

        Content descriptors:

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