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Strażniczki - 1
Strażniczki - 1






Age level:


Play time:

30min to 1h

Since the dawn of time, two opposing forces have formed the backbone of the universe and have coexisted in eternal equilibrium. Our Goddess in her infinite wisdom has sent a group of & nbsp; Protectors to protect the ...

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  • NameParameters
    Min. Number of Players3
    Max. Number of Players6
    Type of playerFor parties, For geeks
    Age Level16+
    Game TypeCreative
    Play time30min to 1h
  • Since the dawn of time, two opposing forces have formed the backbone of the universe and have coexisted in eternal equilibrium. Our Goddess in her infinite wisdom has sent a group of & nbsp; Protectors to protect the world. They have the power to bend people's fates as they wish, and with it they constantly fight among themselves to create a perfect symmetry between human virtues and weaknesses.

    Make a choice: will you keep the balance or destroy it completely to achieve your own goals?

    Guardians is a game with the mechanics of bluffing and drawing cards and additional, surprising solutions. Each player directs a Guardian, whose goal is to direct the fate of people according to their will, so as to create the best combination of virtues and weaknesses. The game consists of 3 phases:

    1. Draw cards : each player receives six random cards from the deck, then chooses one of them and passes the rest to the player on the left, until each player chooses 5 cards - the remaining cards are discarded. The goal is to pick a combination of cards that will give you the most victory points. Some cards score on their own, while others require other cards of the same type to benefit.

    2. Judgment : all players place the 5 cards of their choice face to face in front of each other in two rows: 2 cards face down and 3 cards face up. Based on the cards shown, players decide which one has the highest-scoring combination. After the discussion, each player votes for the selected person using the appropriate token. The chosen player must then either confirm or deny the result of the vote.

      • If the player agrees that he has the strongest combination, he must discard 2 cards.
      • If the player denies it, the phase is over and all players reveal their results. If the chosen player has the strongest combination, he loses the two cards that give him the most points; otherwise, he draws one additional card of his choice from the discard pile.

    3. Score : Each player shows his cards and adds up his score.

    Other phases may also appear in the game, depending on the type of Sitters during the game - each character has a special ability that can change the course of the game. For example, it may be possible to look at another player's face-down card, take a card from a player before the scoring phase, or switch one card into another.

    At the end of each round, players cover their victory point tokens so that no one else can see them. After three rounds, the player with the highest score wins.

    Guardians  is a fast and beautifully illustrated game for bluffing and deception fans.

    Contents of the box :

    • statement
    • 11 character cards
    • 1 leader card
    • 6 help cards
    • 36 attribute cards
    • 6 voting tokens
    • 80 score tokens (30x1, 10x5, 20x10, 20x20 points)

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