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    Street Fighter V (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

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      • A true fighting game never quits. Street Fighter 5 is another instalment in the long-running, classic fighting game franchise. Coming with a diverse roster, new systems, and excellent graphics SFV is a must-have for any fan of combos and complex inputs!

        Versatile system

        You have mastered every classic fighter years ago and are looking for something new to break your fingers over? Street Fighter V's Versatile System is just the thing to breathe new life into the characters you've known for years. Each character has received three unique, tailor-made V-moves which can change how you think about planning your approach. V-Skills are helpful abilities you can at any time. V-Triggers are charged by V-Skills and can influence the fight in significant ways. Finally the V-Reversals can get you out of a predicament in a flashy and efficient way, if you need it.

        Street Fighter V

        Diversified roster

        SFV brings with it a roster of characters both new and classic. The famous mainstays like Zangief, Chun Li and Ken are present, revamped with the V-System and always ready for another round. Some old friends return, like Street Fighter 3's Alex. There are also several brand new fighter eager to enter the fray. Poison-throwing F.A.N.G or quick and brutal Rashid are just two of the new faces of Street Fighter 5 (PC) roster. Every fighter is meticulously balanced so anyone you pick and learn has an equal fighting chance against other. No universally amazing and terrible warriors on the roster.

        Survival mode

        If you're hungry for a challenge then SF5's survival mode is where you should go. Here you get to test you skills against a predetermined set of fighters, with mounting difficulty. Play well, gain points to power yourself up between rounds, play for a new costume, EXP, and even Fight Money!Survival greets you with a 10-fight Easy difficulty, 30-battle Normal, try Hard at 50 battles, or even take a journey to Hell of 100 consecutive fights. Are you skilled and determined enough to survive this mode? There is only one way to find out!

        Street Fighter V - fighting

        Terrific training mode

        Are you a newcomer and want to figure out how to play this game? Or maybe you are a series veteran trying to find out how the timing and hitboxes have changed in this edition? One way or another you will find what you are looking for in Street Fighter 5's training facilities have what you are looking for.Try out and record attack sequences to review them later on, watch your own replays, or watch ones from pro players without any problems. Set the positions of individual fighters, which side you start on.And of course you can control all attack data and the input, all displayed in convenient places.

        Street Fighter V (PC) is a tightly-woven, perfectly balanced engaging fighting game keeping all the best features of the franchise without failing to provide new exciting features. Pick your fighter and stand tall against your opponents!

        Street Fighter V features

        • Versatile System - each character has three unique new tricks up their figurative sleeves, sometimes defying expectations.
        • Excellent training mode - train and practice using robust training facilities provided by the game. Freedom of experimentation!
        • Happy returns and new faces - SF5 boasts several new fighters with new mechanics and style, and some classic come back for the first time in a long while.
        • System refreshed - Street Fighter V brings back the classic control schemes without compromising complexity of mechanics.
        • Survival mode - for those who want to truly test their skill, this is the way to find out who is the ultimate fighter.

        Release Date: 2016-02-15

      • Below are the minimum and recommended system specifications for Street Fighter V (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for Street Fighter V (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL may change over time.
      • Portugese-Brasil
      • Restrictions:

        ESRB Teen
        PEGI 12

        Content descriptors:

        Bad Language
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