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Tajniacy Duet

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  • Language: Polish
  • Players: 2 - 2
  • Age Level: 14+
  • Play time: less than 30 min

Fantastic two-person deduction game Two undercover policemen are on a secret mission in a crowded city. Each of them knows the identities of 9 agents with whom the second undercover cop must make contact. Communicatin ...

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  • Min. Number of Players:2
  • Max. Number of Players:2
  • Mechanics:Cooperative, Team-based
  • Type of player:For couples, For family, For anybody, For beginners
  • Age Level:14+
  • Language:Polish
  • Play time:less than 30 min
  • Game Type:Card games
  • Brand:Rebel
Product description

Product description

Fantastic two-person deduction game

Two undercover policemen are on a secret mission in a crowded city. Each of them knows the identities of 9 agents with whom the second undercover cop must make contact. Communicating via encrypted messages, they sneak between paid assassins hired by their enemy to complete their mission before time runs out.

Secrets: Duo is a cooperative word game for 2 or more players. There are 12 spaces on the key card - 9 spaces are words that the second undercover cop must guess, and 3 are words that he must avoid. To guide your partner to specific words (or words), you give him one-word clues. In turn, your partner gives you clues to words you need to guess. If you both guess all the words before using all your turns, you win and can celebrate a victory together! The passwords are ambiguous, and so are the associations - this results in a game full of laughter and emotions. 

If you know how to play Undercover or Undercover: Pictures then you need to know that the main idea is the same, but the details of the game are different:

- The key card is double-sided so that both sides of the table can change directions;

- There are timestamps in the game which limit the number of turns;

- A word that is a green agent on your side of the key may turn out to be someone else entirely in turns where you're guessing ...

New "Mission Map" gameplay variant

Secrets: The duo take well-known fun to the next level. Our adventure begins in Prague - the capital of the Czech Republic. After our game ends successfully, we can proceed to the next challenges provided by the Mission Map. The level of subsequent missions increases with the progress on the mission cards by reducing the number of turns or the number of mistakes that we can make while guessing. A treat for real deductive stagers.

Why are you going to love this game?

- Thanks to the variable arrangement of the cards on the table, the many double-sided key cards that can be solved in two ways, each game is different and presents a new challenge for all players. As a result, Secrets: Duo can be played continuously for an hour or longer, without getting tired or bored with the game.

- Connecting random words with associations for the team to guess is a good mental exercise and forces you to search for phrases that will creatively inspire your team.

- The two available roles are now in the hands of each player. This means that during the game, participants will guess and give hints during the same turn. Thanks to this, the gameplay becomes more intense and the game takes on a slightly strategic character.

- If you have the game Secrets or Secrets: Pictures, you can mix cards from all boxes at will, thanks to which the pool of passwords will increase.

- Despite the fact that the game is intended for two players, we can easily invite more of them to the game! As a result, Secret Police Operatives: Duo can also be used as a party game.

3DP: (00168)
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