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    • Total War: WARHAMMER III (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL - 0
    • Total War: WARHAMMER III (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL - 1
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      Total War: WARHAMMER III (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
      Total War: Warhammer III - Champions of Chaos (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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      • Total War Warhammer 3 is a conclusion of the Warhammer trilogy of Total War games. Legendary franchise created by Games Workshop turned out to perfectly fit in equally legendary Total War strategy series by Creative Assembly. Empire building, careful balancing of economy and diplomacy combined with battles of epic, if not legendary proportions. Add to this powerful magic, terrible monsters and courageous heroes and you have Total War Warhammer in a nutshell.

        Total War: WARHAMMER III


        As the title suggests the game is set in Warhammer Fantasy world, an enormous and incredibly rich universe. The game's story serves more as a background. The four Chaos Gods finally decided to make their move and take control of the whole world. They send their armies of powerful daemons, unspeakable monstrosities and frenzied madmen to do their bidding. Against those terrible forces stand the likes of hardened warriors of Kislev or proud descendants of the dragon Emperor of Cathay. They are not the only combatants, however, as other nations and races can earn much in this conflict. And their goals are usually... incompatible.


        As in previous Total War games, in Total War Warhammer 3, you will need to find a balance between managing your empire and commanding your forces in battle. Employ your strategic mind on the campaign map and outsmart your enemies on a battle map. Utilize each factions’ specific strengths and talents as well as unique unite roasters. What separates Total War Warhammer from other Total War titles is the presence of fantastic elements. Sent a spellcaster to aid your brace soldiers or unleash unspeakable horrors on the battlefield.

        Total War: WARHAMMER III

        Key features

        • Take control of one of the factions and lead it to save or destroy the world
        • Manage your empire on the campaign map and conquer your rivals
        • Lead your armies to victory on the battle map and outsmart your enemies or crush them with brute force
        • Utilize powerful spellcasters, terrible monsters and epic heroes to aid you in battle
        • Immerse yourself in vast and rich Warhammer Fantasy universe 

        Release Date: 2022-02-17

      • Restrictions:

        ESRB Teen
        PEGI 16

        Content descriptors:

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