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    What is G2A.COM?

    G2A.COM is a global marketplace dedicated to digital products. Our primary audience are gamers and geeks, but in addition to video gaming-related products our catalog also includes utility software, streaming service subscriptions, online shopping gift cards, and much more. G2A.COM created a space for sellers to do business, and for gamers and geeks to pursue their hobby without straining their budgets.

    Over the years we have formed hundreds of official partnerships with major companies, supported influencers and esports teams, and even sponsored a major Polish exhibition center, now bearing our name as G2A Arena.

    G2A Marketplace

    G2A Marketplace - Buy Games Keys Online

    The Marketplace is our primary focus. We take our business seriously, and since our inception we have reached over 25 million buyers worldwide and reached the “105 million sold products” milestone.

    As we work towards reaching the 200 million products mark, we do our best to make the experience better and more attractive every day. For instance, we offer sellers and buyers extra ways to get more value from using our marketplace through our G2A Plus and G2A Goldmine programs.

    Where is G2A.COM available?

    G2A.COM is available worldwide, and our catalog features products with both global and regional variants. The buyers can use payment methods suitable for their location to make the process as easy and convenient as possible.

    How does G2A.COM work?

    G2A.COM is a great place for anyone who loves video games and digital content but can’t afford to buy them at full price as often as they would want to. Our massive catalog features tens of thousands of products across many platforms and regions, and our buyers are free to browse the offers for every game and choose the one that appeals to them the most.

    To find exactly what they need, our customers can use a robust category menu and a convenient built-in search engine to quickly find the products they are looking for, with extra filters to help them narrow down the range of displayed products.

    Selling with G2A.COM

    The other side of our business are the thousands of sellers providing their stock via our catalog, creating competing offers you see on every product page.

    Our fees are so small they won’t make a dent on your profits, and there are no hidden costs, so you always know how much you stand to make from your offers. Our Import API helps prospective sellers integrate their own stores with our system to let them start selling their stock without delay.

    Why is G2A.COM Safe?

    Every day we work hard to make sure that every transaction is as safe as possible for both sellers and buyers. Our IT and security experts, product and customer support, as well as other departments do their best to make G2A trustworthy and reliable. We put our sellers through rigorous verification to ensure that their keys and other products are legally obtained.

    G2A.COM Ecosystem

    G2A Plus Deals

    Our ecosystem includes several elements supporting the marketplace to create the best customer and seller experience. Our G2A Plus subscription allows buyers to access better discounts on products from our catalog, and other benefits that you can learn about here. For a very small monthly fee G2A Plus helps its members save so much more money.

    G2A News delivers expert guides and lists of recommendations based on dozens of diverse criteria for hundreds of different products. G2A News helps buyers make informed purchases, stay ahead of the latest trends in the gaming industry, and learn about the hottest releases.

    If you have a strong online presence, you might be interested in our G2A Goldmine program. It lets you create a referral link to share with your online followers. Every time somebody buys a product you referred to them, they get a cool game, and you get a percentage of its price transferred to your account. It’s a great way for you to make some extra money.

    We also maintain a program dedicated to video game developers and publishers, G2A Direct, which helps them put their own products on the marketplace and enjoy greater visibility and extensive support for such offers.

    Where is G2A.COM Located?

    The G2A Group is headquartered in Amsterdam. G2A Marketplace is headquartered in Hong Kong, but we also have offices in several other countries.

    How can I become a partner of G2A.COM?

    We have a wide network of partners and are happy to consider new mutually beneficial options. Please refer to THIS page on our Support Hub to see what kinds of partnerships we are interested in and how to contact us.

    Corporate website

    If you’d like to stay updated on the new developments in our company, read the news and testimonials about our activities, and check the current career opportunities at G2A.COM, please visit our corporate website.

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