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Wiek Złodziei - 1
Wiek Złodziei - 1

Wiek Złodziei





Age level:


Play time:

1h to 2h

Show that you are the best thief in town! Use your special abilities, items and unique action point system to outsmart your opponents and get the most gold and gems. Avoid the guards, treat sewers as secret passages, se ...

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  • NameParameters
    Min. Number of Players2
    Max. Number of Players4
    MechanicsVariable player powers
    Type of playerFor couples, For anybody
    Age Level14+
    Game TypeAdventure, Strategy
    Play time1h to 2h
  • Show that you are the best thief in town! Use your special abilities, items and unique action point system to outsmart your opponents and get the most gold and gems. Avoid the guards, treat sewers as secret passages, set traps, throw poisonous grenades at enemies, create smoke screens in strategic locations and use many other tools to escape the city with the Emperors' Gem!

    Age of Thieves is a fantasy-themed strategy and adventure board game set in Hadria, a port city in the northern part of the mighty Empire. Each player takes on the role of a master of the thieving trade and sets out to commit the boldest theft in his career.

    What is it about?

    During the game, players have the unique skills of their characters and a range of action cards representing maneuvers, complex devices inspired by visionary ideas of Renaissance inventors, or alchemical potions. The players play their chosen cards and then use the available Action Points (AP) to plan the order in which they resolve their actions.

    After preparing the board, each player chooses (or draws) one thief to play. Each thief is a unique character with a Passive ability, as described on his sheet, and a Special Ability card that is assigned to him.

    After selecting their thief, each player receives:

    • 2 basic permanent action cards, thanks to which he will always be able to move or draw new cards,
    • 2 normal action cards with various benefits
    • 10 Action Points (AP),
    • a figure of his thief and a screen behind which he will plan his moves.
    • Now the players are ready to play!

    Event cards control the course and length of the game. Each turn, reveal 1 event card from the top of the event deck - silence or alarm. It changes the conditions in which the game is played.In the following phases, each player draws one action card and then plans his actions. The players plan their actions simultaneously and in complete secrecy.

    After taking their actions, players proceed to the cleanup phase, where they prepare for the next turn. Used action cards are discarded, any special markers such as smoke or fire are removed from the board, your AP pool is prepared, and the first player token is given to the person sitting to the left of the current first player.
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    The one of the thieves who manages to escape through one of the four city gates, taking with him the Emperors' Gem or other loot of the highest value, in Victory Points (VP), will win. Those criminals who remain in the city after resolving the last event card will be captured and end up in the dungeons, and their names will be removed from the archives of the all-powerful Guild.

    Age of Thieves is a unique game set in the original universe. We invite you to a world that is a combination of classic steampunk with visionary designs by Leonardo da Vinci and a bit of magic.

    Wind up wooden owls, trained rats, deadly hand crossbows, net throwers, simple mechanical machines, an arsenal of grenades, narrow streets full of danger, proud estates and palaces in a wealthy neighborhood - these are just a few of the things that can outline the general nature of the Age of Thieves. Enter this world and you will not come back empty-handed!

    Box contents :

    • statement
    • game board
    • 6 plastic thief figures
    • 20 figures of the city guard
    • 2 figures of captains
    • 6 character cards
    • double-sided guard card
    • 4 player screens
    • 10 yellow gemstones
    • 4 green gemstones
    • 1 Emperor's Red Gem
    • 40 primary action (AP) tokens
    • 3 Emperor's Gem AP tokens
    • 8 temporary AP tags
    • 2 D8 dice
    • 84 action cards
    • 23 event cards
    • 3 district cards
    • 51 city tokens
    • 4 organization tokens
    • 15 smoke tokens
    • 5 fire tokens
    • 4 steal tokens
    • 1 burglar master token
    • 1 starting theft token
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