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Special education is a term referring to teaching and supporting pupils with special educational needs, who require a great dose of attention, understanding of their requirements and differences between individuals and e ...

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Product description

Product description

Special education is a term referring to teaching and supporting pupils with special educational needs, who require a great dose of attention, understanding of their requirements and differences between individuals and empathy in contacts. What is more, in order to create a creative environment for students with special educational needs, where they could effectively absorb knowledge, might be quite a challenge. A teacher or a trainer should be armed with skills, knowledge and strategies to help him work with special educational needs pupils in schools or other education facilities. Our course might serve as an introduction to special educational needs code of practice. It can be a first step in further educational or career path on special educational needs. It is free of charge and conducted fully online with a few main modules presenting knowledge in approachable way and followed by assessments that check obtained knowledge. The course ends with the certification process.

What Will I Learn?

The course in the first place describes principles of special education, with attention mainly put on the legislation in the United States, including recent changes implemented to educational special needs system. Furthermore, the responsibilities and roles of trainers, teacher who work with students with special educational needs are outlined and described. The individual educational plan is discussed during the course. The participants then learn about the most common disabilities that might be came across in schools and other educational facilities: learning disabilities, sensory impairments, ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, behavioral disorders, intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities. Each disability or disorder is defined, described and strategies in assisting students who suffers from them are outlined. Upon completion of the special educational needs course, you will be able to define fundamental concepts of special education, identify most frequent forms of disorders and disability encountered in schools and outline their key traits together with strategies on how to support those affected by them, formulate a simple, individual education plan for a pupil with special educational needs. Each module ends with test, that need to be passed with the 80% score to obtain a diploma confirming completion of this special education needs online course.

Who is the target audience?

The course is aimed at professionals working in education sector that would like to gain skills and have greater knowledge on supporting in classrooms pupils with special educational needs. Also, students who study education related faculties and would like to launch in the future career in this sector, might find this course a useful advantage when looking for job prospects. Additionally, parents of pupils with special educational needs might enroll for the course to understand better their children’s struggles in learning, to get to know how can they support them to help them reach their full potential and what should they require from their teachers and trainers to be sure their children are properly assisted in the classroom.


There are no specific requirements that you need to meet before launching the course. All is needed is a general interest in the matter.

The following product allows you to obtain a Digital Certificate / Digital Diploma confirming completion of the related e-learning course which serves as a formal proof of your newly gained skills. You will receive it after passing the course assessment with a score of at least 80%.
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