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    • WoW Retail Gold 300k - Blackrock - EUROPE - 0
    • WoW Retail Gold 300k - Blackrock - EUROPE - 1
    Offer from business seller
    • World of Warcraft is a colossal game that has a ton of content. You can spend an insane amount of time in the world of Azeroth and do a ton of fun things. Do quests, go on epic raids with other players or engage in exciting and fun PvP combat actively pitting Alliance and Horde against each other. All of this however requires World of Warcraft Gold in one way or another. There are a lot of very important things that you can buy with it. With gold you can:

      • Buy new equipment which is very important in developing your character. Not everything drops from bosses or is accessed by doing quests. You need gold to better prepare your characters for the battles to come.
      • Buy reagents. The game has a very complex crafting system, and reagents and materials are crucial. There are needed in large quantities and they tend to cost a lot so having a bit of extra gold can't hurt.
      • Buy skills. Mentioned crafting is a part of an even larger system. Each character can specialize in different skills which cost a lot of gold to upgrade and are quintessential later on in the game. This includes riding skills which allow players to use mounts to travel around the game's world much faster.
      • Buy mounts. Speaking of which there are many different mounts in the game just waiting to be purchased.
      • Buy food and drinks. This might sound strange or silly but provisions are one of the key mechanics of the game. While completing a dungeon or during a raid players have to take a rest to recover health and mana. Food and drinks help with that and that's why it's so crucial to have them. No WoW player should skimp on provisions.
      • Use fly paths. The world players can explore in World of Warcraft is massive and so there are several ways of transportation. One of them is fly paths that connect different points on the map. The further someone wants to go the more expensive the trip is. This is one of the features that is used all the time and so having gold to comfortably travel around the world is very helpful and convenient.
      • Perhaps the most important aspect, however, is that with gold you can buy WoW Tokens exchangeable for 30 days (or 2700 minutes) of play time, all you need is vitist the auction house and find an offer. Indeed, you can easily get more premium playtime just by spending in-game currency. Isn't that just the perfect motivation to go raiding, crafting, and trading to get more gold?

      World of Warcraft Gold

      So to sum things up, gold is extremely important for all players as it's required for almost anything in the game from buying learning skills, and equipment and even travelling around the world. Gathering gold is seamless in the game, as it is a reward for basic game activities. However, players don't earn very much gold this way and if someone is planning to have multiple characters, they need to prepare for an expense!

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