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      • Wreckfest is racing game focused on destroying cars and wonky physics during fights between cars. No fair play is applied here – all that matters is which car stays on track. Playing this game is a lot of fun! Before you set off on the racing tracks, you’ll need to customize your car, not only when it comes to its looks, but also parameters. During racing, the player can gain additional parts and upgrade their vehicle. Each car can be equipped with elements that will improve its safety and thus effectiveness on the track. 

        On the other hand, the player can choose to put less equipment and tank less fuel, so the car is lighter and quicker. It is up to the player to balance the safety and speed. Before participating in races or other derby events, the player chooses manual or automatic transmission and also what kind of track they wish to race on: dirt or tarmac one. Apart from racing, the player can customize, sell, buy vehicles and do research on them. It is an option perfect for all retro car lovers.

        The game offers two modes: single-player where the player is working on his racing driver career and multi-player with PvP, not co-op. In the single-player mode the rivalry is against the AI. The player takes part in various challenges and competitions, with each win unlocking new parts for car and earning new point of experience. Rules are similar to typical racing games: whoever is first on the final line, wins. In multi-player mode there is rivalry between each player. There is option to play against friend online or in local network. There are various modes available, but each is focused on destroying cars.  At the player’s disposal are traditional tracks in open world or closed-in arenas were battles like Deathmatch or Last Man Standing types take place. In this last mode, the winner is the last car left on arena which is more or less capable of driving.

        Destruction with vehicular combat in Wreckfest

        This is not your typical racing game, where speed matters. Here, you are destroying other cars by throwing them off tracks or triggering crashes. You can still maneuver your car even when it is but a wreck, but you feel the damage done. Driving feels more difficult, you can experience issues with pulling over or turning.

        Players’ reception

        The Wreckfest for PC was met with generally favorable reviews from the gaming industry. Also players appreciated the game. Members of BugBear Entertainment’s official forum have launched an initiative to nominate game for Most Fun with a Machine Award on Steam platform.

        Key features:

        • An indie, racing video game
        • Gameplay focused on destroying cars
        • No fair-play is applied
        • Customizing vehicles when it comes to appearance and technical parameters
        • Option to buy, sell research cars
        • Single player career mode
        • Multi-player PvP mode
        • Deathmatch derbies modes
        • Traditional racing tracks and closed-in arenas
        • Old-school cars from end of last century
        • Winning gets you new parts for vehicles and experience points
        • Choose a manual or automatic transmission, dirt or tarmac racing track

        Release Date: 2018-06-14

      • English
      • Restrictions:

        ESRB Teen
        PEGI 12

        Content descriptors:

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