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Xiaomi 70 Mai Smart Dash Cam PRO

  • Color:
    • Black

Dash camera can make your life safer by recording all of the important events taking place on the road you as you drive. Protect yourself and the others by recording various acts of vandalism and other cases of breaking ...

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  • Brand:Xiaomi
Product description

Product description

Dash camera can make your life safer by recording all of the important events taking place on the road you as you drive. Protect yourself and the others by recording various acts of vandalism and other cases of breaking the law.

Mi 70Mai Dash Camera

Mi 70mai Smart Dash Cam PRO is a dash camera that is meant to be used inside a car. Its purpose is to increase your safety by recording all of the important events that could become evidence in case of an emergency or a crash. With a dash camera that can record high-quality videos, you have a much higher chance of getting compensation, as it will be much easier to prove your innocence in case of an unfortunate accident. It can also be used to record other drivers as they perform dangerous maneuvers on the road, making it easier for the police to track them down, possibly resulting in an overall higher safety level.

Wide-Angle and 1944p Videos

The cam’s specs make it an ideal choice when looking for a dash cam, as it comes not only with a high HD recording option but also with a wide-angle 140-degree recording feature. This means that recorded videos won’t only be of high-quality, but will also cover a bigger area when compared to other cameras.

Emergency Recording

The camera comes together with an emergency recording feature that lets the device automatically record crashes once a collision is detected. The cam stores such videos to make it easier to identify the culprit and help the police to solve more difficult cases, where it’s hard to tell who caused the accident to happen.

Loop Recording

In order to save recording space, the device comes with a loop recording feature that lets you record everything in real-time without the need to worry about insufficient storage. Thanks to loop recording you don’t need terabytes of space, as only the latest and most important events are captured – the old ones are overwritten regularly, saving storage space and making managing stored videos much easier.

Easy Control With Use of a Dedicated App and Voice

70mai PRO Smart Dash Cam can be easily controlled with a dedicated mobile application. Easy to use and rich in various features it can be used to capture photos on-the-go or view real-time footage. The camera can also be controlled with your voice, leaving your hands free thus significantly decreasing odds of an unfortunate accident to occur. Focus on the road and let the camera take care of recording everything on its own, or use your voice to give the device further instructions.

Technical parameteres:

  • Chipset: HiSilicon Hi3556V100
  • Image transducer: SONY IMX335
  • Lens: wide angle 140 degrees / lens F / 1.8
  • Built-in WIFI module: YES
  • Recording resolution:
    • 2592 × 1944p 30 fps (4: 3)
    • 2560 × 1440p 30 fps (16: 9)
  • Adjustable bracket: YES - fixing the camera with a tape
  • Shock sensor: YES
  • Loop recording: YES - overwriting of the oldest recordings
  • Video and photo file format: MP4, H.264
  • Length of recorded sections in minutes: 1min
  • Memory card slot : microSD up to 64GB
  • The date and time can be set: YES
  • Microphone and speaker: YES
  • Date and time stamp: YES
  • Connectors and ports: USB 2.0 (power connector), microSD
  • Power: 500mAh battery
  • Charging: 5V (micro USB)
  • Mobile software: TAK - iOS, Android
  • Working temperature: -20 ° ~ + 60 ° C

Key Features

  • 140-degree view and 1944p recording resolution
  • Loop recording feature that overwrites oldest recordings to save storage space
  • Emergency recording feature captures everything up to the point of a crash
  • Voice control that allows the driver to focus on the road
  • Dedicated mobile application with various additional features
  • Item type: Brand new
  • Warranty: 12 months 
  • Free shipping 
  • Important: In case of returning the product, the cost of shipping the product is on the buyer's side.
  • EAN: 6971669782115
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