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Xiaomi Yeelight Color Bulb v2.0 LED WiFi RGB

Bring more color to your life with Xiaomi Mi Yeelight Bulb. Adjust the color to your preferences and needs – create a romantic atmosphere or immersive gaming environment with a few simple clicks.Mi Yeelight (Color) Bulb ...

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  • Brand:Yeelight
Product description

Product description

Bring more color to your life with Xiaomi Mi Yeelight Bulb. Adjust the color to your preferences and needs – create a romantic atmosphere or immersive gaming environment with a few simple clicks.

Mi Yeelight (Color) Bulb EU

Xiaomi Mi Yeelight is a LED light bulb designed to give you a reliable source of colorful light that can be used for creating a unique kind of atmosphere at home. No matter if you want to spend some time partying with your friends or flirting with a partner of yours, immerse more into the world of games and movies, or focus better on studying – available color temperatures make it possible to choose the right color and intensity that will match any real-life scenario.

Xiaomi Mi Yeelight

Wide Range of Colors and Temperatures

The light bulb offers a wide range of colors to choose from, making it an invaluable product in every house. Create an intimate atmosphere using colors that imitate warm candles or choose colder temperatures to help you maintain focus during certain tasks. Pick your favorite color during playing video games or watching movies with friends to make everything even more entertaining. Improve the quality of your sleep and adjust the bulb to match your current mood – once you discover the unlimited potential of Mi Yeelight, you won’t use traditional light bulbs ever again.

light and temperatures in yeelight mi bulb

Stable and Reliable Source of Light

The bulb is not only about having fun and being able to choose different colors for different needs, but it’s also a reliable source of light whenever you need it. The bulb is made according to high durability standards, resulting in up to 11 years of operating life. With Mi Yeelight there’s no need to worry about malfunctions happening anytime soon, so enjoy the bulb and enter a new colorful world.

Dedicated Mobile Application

One of the product’s strengths lies in the possibility to control it remotely via a dedicated mobile app. It’s intuitive and easy to use – all you need to change colors, temperatures, and more, is a few simple clicks. An interesting feature that’s worth mentioning is the camera-based color picker that lets you point your camera at anything you want, pick the color of the thing you’re currently pointing the lens at, and let the bulb change its color to the one you picked. Because of the app’s simple interface, you will quickly learn to use it efficiently – switch colors on-the-go and adapt to any possible situation. Just install the bulb and use WiFi to control it.

yeelight app for android, ios

Group Control

If you want to light a bigger room or an entire house you’ll be pleased to hear that you can easily control multiple bulbs at once. Group them using a dedicated app and control entire sets of bulbs with a few simple clicks. Change the color of all lights in a certain room or synchronize the color across all of your bulbs – unleash your creativity to make unique setups.

Inteligent Bulb Mi Yeelight (Color)

Key features

  • A wide range of color temperatures to choose from
  • Improves focus, enhances the quality of sleep, and increases immersivity
  • A reliable source of light capable of creating a unique atmosphere
  • Easy to control with the use of a simple mobile app
  • Camera-based color picker

Xiaomi Yeelight Color Bulb v2.0 specification

Color rangeRGB
Minimal light temperature1700 K
Maximal light temperature6500 K
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Important: In case of returning the product, the cost of shipping the product is on the buyer's side.
  • 3DP: (00090)
  • EAN: 0608887786309
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