Grab 10% cashback
by paying with the ZEN.COM app

Pay for your shopping with the ZEN.COM app and get some of the money back instantly.

How to get cashback?

I don't have a ZEN account
I have a ZEN account
step 1

Pay for purchases with ZEN

Add the products to your cart and select ZEN as the payment method. The condition for receiving cashback is payment via the ZEN.COM app.

step 1

Enter your phone number and download the ZEN.COM app

Enter your phone number to which we will send a link to download the ZEN.COM app. Then create a ZEN account and confirm the payment.

Use the code G2AZENPAY during registration and get free access to the ZEN.COM app for 120 days.

step 1

Enjoy your instant cashback

You will receive your 10% cashback to your ZEN account just seconds after the payment is confirmed.

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Is there a cashback limit?
There is a limit. One ZEN user can get no more than €50,00 of Cashback per month per all transactions made at G2A.COM. The limit can be changed by ZEN at any time with a notice in the ZEN app.
How long will the promotion last?
G2A.COM will solely decide when the ZEN Pay Cashback Promotion will be ended (e.g. on the fixed date or when the budget for that Promotion is drained out). The Partner should inform Users about it. ZEN is not liable for lack of information or misinformation in that matter.
I did not receive cashback after a properly completed transaction. What to do now?
If your cashback has not been settled to your ZEN Account within 15 minutes, write to us at or use the chat in the ZEN Application. We will be happy to help you verify what happened to your Cashback.
Where can I find more information on the terms and conditions of the promotion?
Terms and conditions of the promotion can be found at this link.