Steam, the modern warehouse of gaming.

The most prestigious of storefronts, it remains the most popular of all PC-specific digital platforms, in no small part due to the sheer quantity of games. Steam is, of course, a PC platform, but a lot of these games are also available for consoles, so if you find something interesting, it’s very possible that we might also have a console version for you.

Below you’ll find a list with Steam’s top-rated, most popular, and most famous games from many different genres, catering to many different tastes and playstyles.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth 2024-01-25 RPG Ryū Ga Gotoku Studios
Hi-Fi RUSH 2023-01-25 Action Tango Gameworks
TEKKEN 8 2024-01-26 Fighting Bandai Namco Studios
Baldur's Gate 3 Digital Deluxe Edition 2023-08-30 RPG Larian Studios
ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON 2023-08-25 Action FromSoftware
God of War 2022-01-14 Action SIE Santa Monica Studio
Dwarf Fortress 2022-12-06 Strategy Bay 12 Games
Resident Evil 4 Remake 2023-03-24 Horror Capcom Development Division 1
Wartales 2021-12-01 RPG Shiro Games
Elden Ring 2022-02-25 Action RPG FromSoftware
Monster Hunter Rise 2022-01-12 Action Capcom Development Division 2
Cyberpunk 2077 2020-12-10 Action RPG CD PROJEKT RED
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTY 2015-05-18 RPG CD PROJEKT RED
Valheim 2021-02-02 Sanbox, survival Iron Gate Studios
Hades 2019-12-10 Indie Supergiant Games
Terraria 2011-05-16 Adventure Re-Logic

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Release date:2024-01-25
Developer:Ryū Ga Gotoku Studios

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is the latest (at the time of writing) installment of the long-running Yakuza series.

It features a dual protagonist: Ichiban Kasuga searching for his mother overseas, while Kazuma Kiryu is struggling with his health and trying to make the most of his time. Asa result the game splits its action between Japan and Hawaii, the series’ first international key location.

The previous entry’s turn-based combat returns alongside Ichiban, in a much improved and expanded format. Of course, it’s a Yakuza game, so in addition to dramatic stories and dynamic brawls you also get a ton of side activities, and Infinite Wealth’s major new addition is the holiday resort you get to run as Ichiban, from decorations to management. It’s truly a piece of Animal Crossing in Yakuza.

Key features
  • Dual protagonist: Ichiban Kasuga and Kazuma Kiryu
  • A strong return of the turn-based combat which made the predecessor such a blast
  • Features Hawaii as one of the major locations
  • Lots of side-activities big and small, in a true Yakuza fashion

Hi-Fi Rush

Release date:2023-01-25
Developer:Tango Gameworks

Hi-Fi Rush was one of the unexpected gaming delights of 2023, and looking at it you wouldn’t guess it was made by people behind The Evil Within and Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Its sense of comedy, bright and colorful aesthetic, and absolutely gripping rhythm-based Devil May Cry-like combat are an mix of traits which make this game so incredibly fun to play, look at, and listen to.

Everything in the game happens to a steady rhythm: enemies attack, platforms move, your own action have more oomph if you press buttons on appropriate beat. The things your character, Chai, can pull of with his scrap-made electric guitar and occasional team-up specials is some of the coolest over-the-top action in recent years. If you like character action games, Hi-Fi Rush is a must play.

Key features
  • Rhythm-based character action: the entire world is synchronized to the same beat
  • Vibrant, energetic cartoon-inspired aesthetic, including excellent character designs
  • Quite a few licensed music tracks in addition to a banging original soundtrack
  • Lots of secrets and integrated achievements providing extra upgrade resources

Tekken 8

Release date:2024-01-26
Developer:Bandai Namco Studios

Tekken is one of the fighting game royalty, a series about an overly dramatic family and an intense martial tournaments.

Tekken 8, a fresh release from January 2024, is proving to be one of the best installments of the series, with an impressive number of improvements to the combat system, character designs worthy of modern graphics, and even accessibility for newcomers.

This time the story revolves around the feud between Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama, who prepares to square off against his now openly devilish father. The story is suitably over the top, but it’s the combat system, now expanded with the Heat system, is the true star of the game, and if you’re into this genre you can’t afford to miss out on it. It’s flashy, satisfying, and has a very high skill ceiling to reach for.

Key features
  • New graphics and character design tweaked and redone to match
  • New improvements to the fighting mechanics
  • You can make your own avatar to play in the Arcade mode
  • Delightfully over-the-top story about more Mishima clan in-fighting

Baldur’s Gate 3

Release date:2020-10-06
Developer:Larian Studios

Baldur’s Gate 3 was arguably the biggest hit of 2023, grabbing numerous awards, enjoying massive player counts for a few weeks after launch, and showing what is possible in cRPGs with enough care, time, and resources.

With a spectacular turn-based, tactical combat, intricate and reactive story, and memorable characters joining your adventure, it’s a treat for any fan of fantasy cRPGs.

Larian Studios, creators of 2016’s massive cRPG hit Divinity: Original Sin 2 adapted the 6th edition of Dungeons & Dragon to video game format, putting in a ton of work to make BG3 feel authentic to its tabletop roots. The game can take you a hundred hours to complete and has tons of branching choices making the story feel fresh even after several playthroughs. It’s truly a gem in the genre.

Key features
  • Plenty of cosmetic and mechanical character customization
  • An epic adventure filled with monsters, friendships, and hard choices
  • Adapts 5th edition of D&D to video game format
  • Can be played in co-op by up to four players

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon

Release date:2023-08-25

It couldn’t have been easy to wait 11 years watching FromSoftware make all the Soulsborne’s and neglecting the fans of Armored Core.

Thankfully, August 2023 finally arrived, bringing with it Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon, making all fans of big mecha-combat rejoice and dive into the available options to assemble murderous machines synergizing with their playstyles and ready to take on the bosses.

The plot involves a resurgence of an extremely volatile substance on planet Rubicon 3, and the resulting conflict between megacorporation hoping to gain control of it. You’ll be playing as a mercenary smuggled onto the planet to join this conflict under the callsign “Raven”. Over time you’ll become pivotal to the war, and your allegiance will decide the fate of Rubicon and the volatile Coral.

Key features
  • Thrilling, challenging, and intense mecha combat
  • Several endings, including one behind the New Game
  • Extensive customization options
  • A PvP mode for those hungry for real challenges

Counter-Strike 2

Release date:2012-08-21
Genre:Action & Shooter

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive had a good run. It had been with us for just over a decade, gathering a powerful fanbase and making a name for itself, but eventually, the time has come for a new version.

Cue Counter-Strike 2, a direct follow up to CSGO, upgrading the whole thing to modern tech standards, including switching from the Source engine to Source 2.

Underneath all the technical luster, CS2 is still the tight, tense competitive shooter it’s ever been, and post-launch updates bring in content injections gradually bringing it up to par with CSGO. Of course, all the hard-earned items from CSGO got transferred as well, so you can enjoy your fancy knife and gun skins in this new upgrades, and, more importantly: free-to-play experience.

Key features
  • The latest edition of the famous competitive shooter
  • Your CSGO items carry over
  • Technical upgrades across the board, powered by the Source 2 engine
  • Full Steam-workshop support

Dwarf Fortress

Release date:2022-12-06
Developer:Bay 12 Games

Dwarf Fortress is technically a game with well over a decade of history, famous for its incredible complexity, but somewhat prohibitive due to its text-based graphics which can be rather impenetrable at first.

The reason a 2006 game makes it to this list is its spiffy 2022 Steam release, complete with traditional, “proper”, graphics, new music, and a more intuitive interface.

You’re still going to be helping a small community of dwarves carve their new home in a new land. A land, might we add, that was procedurally generated with a detailed history of geological shifts, cultures rising and falling, artifacts being forged, and everything else needed to create an interesting landscape for your colony. Don’t use max generation settings unless you have a lot of time!

Key features
  • If your colony fails, you can still explore it in the roguelike mode!
  • The Steam release looks cute, easy to read, and still as hard to master as the original
  • There is a reason Dwarf Fortress’ popular slogan is „losing is fun”
  • Complexity that could only be built over 16 years of development

God of War

Release date:2022-01-14
Developer:SIE Santa Monica Studio

Kratos not only made his way from Greece to Scandinavia, but also, four years later, from PlayStation 4 to PC.

The soft-rebooted God of War is a cinematic, thrilling experience, very different from the original series in terms of gameplay, and quite keen on showing a more matured, restrained Kratos. Make no mistake, however: despite a more somber tone, God of War is no pacifist game.

Kratos swapped his blazing chained blades for an icy axe, and the camera moved to his shoulder to match this closer range, but the old Spartan can still fight like, well, a god of war. GoW is quite story-driven, however, and focuses on the journey of Kratos and his teenage son to give the boy’s mother’s ashes a proper burial. Sadly, the Aesir have other ideas and send Baldur after the duo.

Key features
  • Thrilling third-person combat
  • Kratos vs. the Norse mythology
  • Received a grand sequel, God of War: Ragnarök, which is yet to come to PC
  • Story-driven: all about family issues, in a true mythological manner

Resident Evil 4 Remake

Release date:2023-03-24
Developer:Capcom Development Division 1

Another game that’s technically quite old, but received a very good tune-up recently, complete with a Steam release.

While the original RE4 launched in 2005 (just a year ahead of Dwarf Fortress!), the remake launched in March 2023, with a ton of small and big improvements. The biggest one is, of course visual, as the graphics are now powered by the mighty RE Engine.

The story got a second pass and some gentle expansion, but stays very close to the original. It stars Leon S. Kennedy, a special operative sent to Spain to rescue a kidnapped daughter of the US president from a weird cult. Of course, it’s a RE game, so there’s a lot of gruesome mutations, over-the-top villains, and mysterious involvement from people connected to the nefarious Umbrella Corporation.

Key features
  • Third-person action-horror game
  • A fantastic remake of a 2005 classic
  • This time you can simultaneously move and shoot!
  • Quite a few optional side-activities to engage with to earn more resources

Octopath Traveller II

Release date:2023-02-24
Developer:ACQUIRE Corp.

The first Octopath Traveller was a wonderful, lovely, engaging RPG in the style of old Final Fantasy games.

Octopath Traveller II is all of that, except even better. There are eight separate characters, each with their own motivations. The characters are quite diverse, as the cast includes people such as an ambitious dancer, a warrior prince, and a cleric investigating a murder.

The world is quite different from the first game’s, instead of a medieval theme, OT2 is inspired more by the turn of 19th and 20th century. Game also now features separate daytime and nighttime segments, affecting each character’s story-affecting Path Actions. It’s an amazing game, with gorgeous aesthetic, great music, and engaging RPG mechanics.

Key features
  • Eight unique characters with their own stories to follow
  • Turn-based combat with satisfying depth
  • Day and night parts of the game, with meaningful gameplay differences
  • Looks lovely


Release date:2021-12-01
Developer:Shiro Games

Have you ever wondered what running a mercenary company in a dark, low-fantasy medieval-like world would be like?

Living from assignment to assignment, managing your soldiers, navigating the map full of bandits and ravenous beasts, all that jazz? Well, Wartales has all of that in spades. Your group is no band of heroes, just a bunch of people living by the sword and prone to dying from it.

You have a large overworld map of the setting, filled with villages, cities, dungeons, and random encounters. Many of them end up having to be resolved through Wartales’ turn-based combat system. The game is open-ended and doesn’t have an overarching story, but regions have their own small arcs and there are narrative choices to be made, for those who crave story-based content.

Key features
  • A simulation of managing the livelihood of a mercenary band in a medieval-like world
  • Solid turn-based combat
  • Managing your finances is just as important as tactical talents
  • Open-ended, with localized stories to interact with

Elden Ring

Release date:2022-02-25
Genre:Action RPG

FromSoftware isn’t known for releasing duds, so it was a foregone conclusion that Elden Ring was going to be very good.

It’s also FromSoft’s first attempt at an open world, and the Lands Between are a stunning accomplishment in that field as well. It’s a world of grand scale not just because of a large map, but because it’s dense with detail and every place promises something exciting.

In Elden Ring you play the part of the Tarnished, a former exile, now coming back to the Lands Between after the titular Elden Ring was ruined. It’s not a joyous return, however: the land is ruled by demigods corrupted by a shard of the Ring. There’s no prize for figuring out whom you’ll have to defeat before reaching the final challenge and, possibly, saving the Lands Between.

Key features
  • A wonderful open world filled with stories to discover and experience
  • Challenging combat, as you would expect from FromSoftware
  • A grand expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree bringing new weapons and challenges (launching in June 2024)
  • Deep setting co-created by George R.R. Martin

Total War: Warhammer III

Release date:2022-02-17
Developer:The Creative Assembly

The final installment of the Warhammer trilogy from Creative Assembly turned out to be a fantastic offering and a great addition not only to the series, but also to the source material.

The combined might of CA and Games Workshop fleshed out Kislev, Ogre Kingdoms (now available through DLC), and Grand Cathay in a way never before seen in the original tabletop wargame.

There’s also a five-fold Chaos faction, including one segment led by an evolving, customizable Deamon Prince of your own! All that’s in the familiar form of a Total War game, with real-time tactical battles and a turn-based grand strategy layer where you handle diplomacy, manage your settlements and move armies around to complete your faction’s objectives.

Key features
  • Several detailed factions with unique mechanics
  • A gorgeous strategic map
  • The Immortal Empires map will merge the maps and factions of all three games, if you own them
  • You can create and develop your own Deamon Prince

Monster Hunter Rise

Release date:2022-01-12
Developer:Capcom Development Division 2

Although it originated on Nintendo Switch, the success of the PC version of MH World made Monster Hunter Rise’s arrival on PC a matter of time.

It received quite a glow-up for the occasion, with higher resolutions and other features which would be too much for Switch, but PC can easily handle. And more importantly: it’s an excellent, fun game even without visual bells and whistles.

There’s a lot to enjoy about MHR. There are fourteen weapon classes, each with a unique playstyle. There’s a large gallery of monsters, both mostly harmless small beasts, and huge monsters, each of which is a boss fight in its own right. And then there are wirebugs, a MHR original, which dramatically increase your mobility and expand your combat options.

Key features
  • Easier and smaller than MH World, but still fairly challenging and engaging
  • A large expansion, Sunbreak, adding a higher difficulty, new monsters, and more
  • Hundreds of weapons and armor pieces to craft
  • Full of charming and neat details and moments

Cyberpunk 2077

Release date:2020-12-10
Genre:Action RPG

Coming from the developers of The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077 had some great expectations to live up to.

Thankfully it turned out that it’s a solid futuristic action RPG with a stunning urban open world and an interesting story digging into transhumanistic themes. In CP2077 you play as V, a gun-for-hire trying to make their name in Night City, the iconic setting in the Cyberpunk tabletop RPG.

Cyberpunk 2077 isn’t an open world in the same way The Witcher 3 is, but nevertheless roaming the streets of Night City or driving around beyond its limits can provide long hours of fun even when you’re not on a quest. Of course, as is expected of an action RPG, your actions have consequences, and you get to make many decisions which let you define who your character is and where they end up.

Key features
  • Highly dramatic main storyline
  • Great smaller, personal sidestories
  • Received a massive, essential Phantom Liberty expansion
  • Immersive cutscenes

The Witcher 3

Release date:2015-05-18

The Witcher 3 is one of the best selling games of all time, and there are many aspects which contributed to this status.

One reason is the great main story, an excellent conclusion to Geralt’s journey. Another is the beautiful open world split into several huge maps with very different themes: Irish/Norse Skellige isles, medieval mainland of Velen, and, in DLC, idyllic Beauclair.

There’s also a secluded, yet equally beautiful Kaer Morhen valley you’ll eventually visit. The game is steeped in medieval, mostly European, lore and has a strong Slavic vibe to it as well. The biggest monsters you hunt require preparation, because they are fully capable of trashing you. If somehow you still haven’t played it, you absolutely should give the Game of the Year Edition a go.

Key features
  • Beautiful graphics and excellent animations
  • Flexible character progression
  • Dramatic story
  • Fantastic expansions


Release date:2021-02-02
Genre:Sanbox, survival
Developer:Iron Gate Studios

Valheim rose to fame and glory at an incredible speed, selling almost six million copies in the first month.

Players quickly started making jaw-dropping constructions using the base-building feature, ranging from original works to things like a life-sized Eiffel Tower. If you haven’t added Valheim to your library yet, you’re missing out, big time. But what is it, exactly, beyond a base-builder?

To put things simply: Valheim is a solid survival game which is less bothersome about its meters and encourages exploration and construction instead. There are also powerful bosses to wreck, because your Odin-given task is to bring peace and order to the procedurally generated world of Valheim, the non-canonical tenth Nordic realm. Oh, and you can play with up to ten friends, if you want to.

Key features
  • A smashing survival hit
  • Mighty bosses of mythical power
  • Great support for base-building
  • Friendly appearance and hidden depths


Release date:2019-12-10
Developer:Supergiant Games

Hades is one of the best roguelikes released in recent years, and a part of the reason for that is the time it spent in Early Access, gathering feedback.

You’re playing as Zagreus, a disobedient son of Hades himself, trying to escape from his father’s domain and reach the surface. Nobody escapes from the underworld, though, so Zagreus has many rooms to clear and bosses to defeat along the way.

You begin with a hefty sword, but in time you’ll unlock more weapons, including a shield and a cannon. You start each escape attempt with a divine boon from Olympian gods (and collect many more during the run), which modifies your abilities in various ways. Each boon also has a neat visual effect, and a few have an Area of Effect so once you get a few of them your moves become quite spectacular.

Key features
  • Several upgradeable weapons
  • Interesting story full of great characters
  • Tight combat system
  • Great endgame


Release date:2011-05-16

Terraria has stayed in the top ranks of Steam’s best-reviewed games for years and at this point it’s there to stay.

It’s one of the best sandbox games on the market, and don’t be fooled by its 2D style: this game has depth to spare, such as a base-building system which allows you to do some really impressive things. Of course, the world is procedurally generated, so the game is infinitely replayable.

What can you do, beyond building some outlandish base? You can explore the world to look for resources and trouble for example, because the game has weapons to craft, dungeons to delve, and bosses to defeat. There are also useful NPCs you could recruit for your base to benefit from whatever they have on offer. Better yet: you can also play with your friends if friendly NPCs aren’t enough.

Key features
  • Several game modes offering different experiences
  • Simple, but effective graphics
  • Procedurally generated worlds
  • Consistently among the highest-rated Steam games

Half-Life: Alyx

Release date:2020-03-01

Half-Life: Alyx is a treat. Not only is this a rare game made by Valve themselves, but also a new Half-Life story, AND a game designed to be played exclusively in VR.

The story takes place five years before Half-Life 2 and follows Alyx on her misadventures in City 17 controlled by the Combine invaders. The story is interesting and Alyx is a great main character, but it’s the VR implementation that’s the true star.

The degree of simulation present in Half-Life: Alyx is astonishing and well worth the price of admission to this ride. Glass breaks realistically, many objects in the world work like you would expect them to, and if you’re determined you could even juggle because the physics are flexible enough to let you do it. If you can afford the hardware, HL: Alyx is a top-tier VR game and you should check it out.

Key features
  • Outstanding degree of simulation
  • A prequel to Half Life 2
  • VR-exclusive
  • Support for mods

Deep Rock Galactic

Release date:2018-02-28
Developer:Ghost Ship Games

What’s a better weekend plan than putting your helmets on, picking up power tools, and mining caverns with other three space dwarves by your side?

Deep Rock Galactic is exactly that. Each cavern system you descend into is procedurally generated, filled with valuable resources and deadly monsters which make a Gunner an invaluable partner on every expedition.

Deep Rock Galactic is a great co-operative, class-based FPS that’s really fun when you play solo, but an absolute blast when you play with friends. Mission types include extermination missions, egg-stealing, looking for specific resources, and more. Credits earned by completing missions you can spend on cosmetic customizations, which include three different categories of facial hair. Of course they do, you’re playing as dwarves.

Key features
  • Procedurally generated levels
  • Great, thematic customisation and awesome functional progression
  • Class-based co-op
  • Many mission types keep things varied


Release date:2016-07-15
Developer:Ludeon Studios

RimWorld may not look like it, but it’s a deep and complex space colony simulator which is likely to appeal especially to fans of Dwarf Fortress.

But not only to them, clearly, because at the time of writing it enjoys a 98% approval rating on Steam, which is an undeniable accomplishment. And it manages all of that without having bombastic graphics: the clean, somewhat cartoonish style serves it perfectly well.

The game is ruled by an AI storyteller which decides what to do in order to never let you rest on your laurels for too long. Your colonists have their own lives managed by their unique sets of needs and preferences, and the world never shies away from throwing pirates and aliens at your settlement. By its own admission, RimWorld is a story generator, and you’ll have plenty of fun stories to tell about it.

Key features
  • Great, cute, and informative art style
  • Complex systems reminiscent of Dwarf Fortress
  • Your colonists are the true stars of the show
  • Several different AI Storytellers for different styles of playthrough

Slay the Spire

Release date:2019-01-23
Developer:Mega Crit Games

What’s a better weekend plan than putting your helmets on, picking up power tools, and mining caverns with other three space dwarves by your side?

Deep Rock Galactic is exactly that. Each cavern system you descend into is procedurally generated, filled with valuable resources and deadly monsters which make a Gunner an invaluable partner on every expedition.

Deep Rock Galactic is a great co-operative, class-based FPS that’s really fun when you play solo, but an absolute blast when you play with friends. Mission types include extermination missions, egg-stealing, looking for specific resources, and more. Credits earned by completing missions you can spend on cosmetic customizations, which include three different categories of facial hair. Of course they do, you’re playing as dwarves.

Key features
  • Procedurally generated levels
  • Great, thematic customisation and awesome functional progression
  • Class-based co-op
  • Many mission types keep things varied

ARK: Survival Evolved

Release date:2015-06-02
Developer:Studio Wildcard

ARK Survival Evolved is a pretty cool survival game that finally managed to replicate that Jurassic Park fantasy of encountering and even domesticating dinos, while giving it the full functionality of a survival game, complete with crafting and base building.

That includes establishing bases on certain humongous dinosaurs. There are also great expansions adding new regions, creatures, and expanding the lore.

ARK: Survival Evolved has a fantastic multiplayer and a sprawling community, especially on Steam, which can be relied on to get you into the game easier. Admittedly the game isn’t that hard to understand and it can be pretty lenient in the survival department depending on server settings, but, of course, it’s always more fun to approach it with friends.

Key features
  • You get to tame and ride dinosaurs
  • Several solid expansions
  • Detailed crafting system
  • Interesting locations

Dark Souls III

Release date:2016-04-11

The final installment to the series of great dark fantasy action RPGs made by FromSoftware, Dark Souls games are famous for testing players’ reflexes and patience alike, since not only exquisitely designed bosses, but also regular enemies can really mess you up if you aren’t careful.

You also don’t have such an easy time running away as in DS3’s spiritual successor, Elden Ring.

But hardships aren’t the only feature. Like other Soulsborne games, DS3 has a great map design, and the snippets of lore sprinkled throughout the world make the setting feel deep and lived in, even if this life is hopeless and ruined by the pride and fear of the powerful. If you enjoy challenge and dark (really dark) fantasy settings, DS3 will be right up your alley, holding a dagger to stab your back with.

Key features
  • Some of the best-designed boss fights in the series
  • A fascinating, rich in subtle lore dark fantasy setting
  • Other players can “invade” your game for a bit of opt-in PvP
  • A great third instalment of the beloved series

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Release date:2013-01-16
Developer:SCS Software

Simulator games are surprisingly popular on Steam, and there’s a lot of simple yet undeniable charm to these games.

Especially games like Euro Truck Simulator 2 can be relatively calming experiences, letting you just drive from point A to point B, worried more about making the delivery on time than about demons or messed up builds. Just you, your truck, your cargo, and a road ahead. What’s not to love?

There’s also a surprisingly lively community you can discover, with dedicated steam groups and Reddit pages, so you can get advice and share stories with people who are into the same kind of fantasy. There’s also a local split-screen coop, so the point is, Euro Truck Simulator 2 can be a very social experience on top of being just a really cool, realistic, enjoyable truck ride across Europe.

Key features
  • You get to create your own company with a fleet of trucks
  • Hundreds and thousands of kilometres of roads across several countries
  • 60 European cities
  • Customizable trucks

Half-Life 2

Release date:2004-11-16
Genre:Action & Shooter

The ever-popular Half-Life is, in many ways, the game that cemented Valve’s popularity.

It was created on Valve’s original engine, Source, which even today remains very robust, if difficult to work with. And it’s one of the best games the first-person shooter genre has to offer, even today. Despite lack of sequels, it created great side-stories and spawned a devoted fanbase.

Half-Life 2 combines a deeply engaging story with imaginative sci-fi elements with very satisfying, fast-paced combat and excellent level design. It also provides puzzle elements due to the existence of the Gravity Gun, which can pick up objects and even turn them into deadly projectiles. The Source community creating Half-Life mods is very active, an entire world of games to explore if you’re willing to take a dive.

Key features
  • One of the most beloved first-person shooters in history
  • The Gravity Gun never gets old and never stops being impressive
  • Timeless designs of enemies and architecture
  • Great story

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Release date:2016-10-27
Developer:Bethesda Game Studios

Bethesda’s magnum opus, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the ultimate open-world Bethesda RPG and its fantasy setting has captured love and adoration of millions with its incredible breadth.

A deeply weird TES lore, plus a Norse-themed open world, plus DRAGONS and their unique magic, plus a great degree of player freedom and expression make Skyrim one of the evergreen games always worth reinstalling.

And on PC, Skyrim is more than just Skyrim. It’s also the Skyrim-oriented part of Nexus, the biggest and most popular mod site on the internet, with a very busy community of modders. There are many, many ways Skyrim can be enjoyed and all thanks to the fantastic community around this RPG. There’s a good chance that the thing you’d like to see somebody has already made a mod for.

Key features
  • Vast open world full of cities and settlements
  • Great degree of player freedom: explore dungeons or be an alchemist for sixty hours, your choice
  • No class system, you decide which skills to practice and improve
  • Dragons!

Civilization V

Release date:2010-09-23
Developer:Firaxis Games

The 5th entry in the legendary series of 4X games about being able to jump into the shoes of famous historical people and lead their nations through history.

It features many familiar aspects like the tech tree, various victory conditions, and turn-based dynamic, but also adds new and interesting stuff like ideologies and a hex-based map, instead of a square grid.

Civilization V perfectly encapsulates the “just one more turn” syndrome. It also comes with a multiplayer segment, and a pretty fun community, with its own host of memes. On Steam specifically, you can find groups devoted to modding and creating custom scenarios which allow you to recreate certain significant moments in history, like the American Civil War.

Key features
  • You won’t even notice when fifteen minutes turns into four hours
  • Hex-based map structure
  • Your growing civilization will look fantastic
  • Deep mechanics and low entry threshold

Grand Theft Auto V

Release date:2015-04-14
Developer:Rockstar North

Between a fantastic single player campaign about three very different criminals getting into more trouble than they signed up for, and a great multiplayer, there’s certainly a lot of great content in Grand Theft Auto V.

And players appreciate it, making GTA5 one of the greatest commercial successes in the history of video games.

There’s an incredibly active community of modders for GTA 5, which produces custom maps, often specifically designed for races, which are really, really fun thanks to unique mechanics lacking in dedicated racing games. These modders often try to one-up each other, creating fantastic new grounds to cover, even years after the release.

Key features
  • Fantastic, dramatic singleplayer campaign with three complicated protagonists
  • Detailed urban open world
  • GTA Online provides hours of fun long after you’re done with the campaign
  • One of the greatest commercial successes in gaming

Steamed to perfection

There you have it. Thirty of Steam’s best, highest rated games to buy whenever you’re hungry for something really outstanding. Card games, arcade-like titles, dungeon crawlers which send you to the lowest pits, and roguelikes which have you work your way to the top.