Who of us, sitting at a good horror movie, did not wonder what it would be like to play one of the characters watched on the screen?

To feel what it is like to be a breathless fleeing victim, a prey with sensitive survival instincts, chased into a corner from which there is no escape and whose terrible fate has already been sealed. Or maybe the opposite? To feel like a murderer, a mad psychopath with an axe, for whom the suffering of others is the greatest joy.

Dead by Daylight is an excellent asymmetric action multiplayer that offers the opportunity to experience the feelings and motives that guide both sides of the classic horror video game in their actions. The formula is very simple – there are four defenceless future possible victims and there is one murderer who is possessed by bloodthirst. And all this in a setting that will certainly not make the victims feel better in any way. Five players play as selected characters and then the race begins, which is an experience like no other, because how often do you have the opportunity to literally hunt other living people and with all your heart desire their death?

To enrich the gameplay, the game developers have released quite a lot of awesome DLCs in the form of chapters. There are a lot of them, and it can be quite confusing to figure out exactly what each of them is about if you don’t have the entire ready list. Hence the idea for a guide to all chapters. So, here it is!


Chapter 1: The Last Breath

Release date:2016

The first and completely free of expansions to the base game. A completely new map invites you to the Crotus Prenn Asylum – a true oasis of peace for lost souls and minds.

The expansion introduces two new characters. One of them is nurse Sally, who is the killer in this chapter. Her many years of work among the insane made her deviate a bit from the course of generally accepted sanity. A new figure among the Survivors is Nea Karlsson from Sweden, in whom living on the street outside the law has developed a sixth sense very much required for survival.

Key features
  • A new location: Crotus Penn Asylum
  • A new killer: The Nurse
  • A new survivor: Nea Karlsson

Chapter 2: The Halloween

Release date:2016

In this chapter, you will find the sleepy and peaceful town of Haddonfield. Famous for the harmony that has once reigned here, from a nice town full of happiness and laughter, in one night it turned into an authentic nightmare.

The killer you will meet in this expansion is a completely wicked man with no dilemma, no doubts. Behind the mask, the world is watched by eyes that want only one thing – endless killing. He is known in Haddonfield as Michael Myers. The new survivor is known as Laurie Strode. Until now, an ordinary babysitter leading the most normal of normal lives, currently a character fighting for life with all her will.

Key features
  • New location: Haddonfield
  • New killer: The Shape
  • New survivor: Laurie Strode

Chapter 3: Of Flesh and Mud

Release date:2016

This time, the adventure leads to a swamp, specifically a place called Backwater Swamp, which has witnessed many terrifying events and outrageous attacks on innocent human life.

The ruthless persecutor in this addition is the Hag, who, having had dramatic experiences behind her, has experienced a huge change and is currently moving around the swamps, setting various traps for the survivors. The new survivor is Ace Visconti, a classic example of a sly guy who has gone through life with a few smart tricks up his sleeve. Eventually, he ran into too many debts and one day just disappeared as he had never even existed.

Key features
  • New location: Backwater Swamp
  • New killer: The Hag
  • New survivor: Ace Visconti

Chapter 4: Spark of Madness

Release date:2017

The Léry’s Memorial Institute is an extremely inspiring place where great ambitions and passions turn into something absolutely monstrous. Is this place crazy or mad are the people who had the misfortune to get here?

Meet Doctor Carter – the man who wanted to know too much. Currently, you can count on one of a kind therapy on his part, enriched with a few nice electro-shocks. The special ability of the Doctor will make you not even notice when you feel worse and worse. Also meet Feng Min, a smart and very flexible survivor, whose specialty has always been computer games. Can such interests save a human life?

Key features
  • New location: Léry’s Memorial Institute
  • New killer: The Doctor
  • New survivor: Feng Min

Chapter 5: A Lullaby for the Dark

Release date:2017

Dark and misty Red Forest standing in the middle of nowhere and carrying a strange melody with the wind. Be careful and better don’t make a sound when the Huntress becomes hungry again.

The Huntress knows this forest inside out, she has spent her entire life here and has had to take care of herself from the very beginning. She was brought up by wild nature, and only the wreckage of a cottage that once belonged to her loving family connects her to the remains of what can be called human nature. David King is a typical muscle man who devoted himself to sports only to end up hitting rock bottom shortly after. A career like a career, this story repeats a lot in some lives, right? However, even someone so experienced in street fights may not stand a big chance against the Huntress.

Key features
  • New location: Red Forest
  • New killer: The Huntress
  • New survivor: David King

Chapter 5.5: Leatherface

Release date:2017

A downloadable content featuring a completely new killer character.

The nickname Leatherface didn’t come out of nowhere. The enormous killer has the wicked habit of wearing masks made of the skin of his victims. Scary? Things are even worse as Leatherface has grown up, but only physically and actually the body of a grown man is guided by a child’s unstable mind. Which owns a chainsaw and knows how to use it.

Key Features
  • New killer: The Leatherface

Chapter 6: A Nightmare on Elm Street

Release date:2017

Welcome back to kindergarten, kids. Do you hope it will be a return to relive your childhood memories? This is unfortunately rather doubtful. Stay awake, otherwise, you will have to learn the whole truth in a way that you would prefer to avoid.

Freddy Krueger hunts for human life, and there is no indication that he will ever stop. He is driven by a pure desire to take revenge for the suffering he had to survive in the past. He will do anything to kill, you will meet him even in dreams. Quentin Smith knows that all of this is about the highest stakes. Tormented by the personification of a nightmare, he begins to doubt where staying awake ends and horror begins.

Key features
  • New location: Springwood
  • New killer: The Nightmare
  • New survivor: Quentin Smith

Chapter 7: The Saw

Release date:2018

The old meat processing plant, which witnessed the death of many animals, will now soak with the blood of people who were guilty of disrespecting life. Yes, puzzles are always fun, but not when your own life is at stake.

The Pig, Jigsaw’s successor, consistently continues the work of her master. Using the Gideon Meat Plant produces clever traps and, moving silently around the facility, watches the struggles of desperate people. Detective Tapp is trying to understand why anyone should follow such a skewed ethical compass. When he begins his investigation, he has no idea what he will end up at.

Key features
  • New location: Gideon Meat Plant
  • New killer: The Pig
  • New survivor: David Tapp

Chapter 8: Curtain Call

Release date:2018

When the circus comes to town, it is usually a reason to be very happy. So why is no one looking forward to the arrival of a fun new visitor? Laugh, children, laugh because carnival is the time of the best fun!

The clown doesn’t smile. With an overdose of muscle relaxants, it’s hard to really tell what emotions are written on his face. However, it is good to judge intentions from deeds, and these are murderously specific in his case. Kate Denson lives honestly and when she is happy she laughs, and when she is sad she does not. A pretty simple approach to life, but sincere. Will the Clown show some mercy just because of it?

Key features
  • New location: Father Campbell’s Chapel
  • New killer: The Clown
  • New survivor: Kate Denson

Chapter 9: Shattered Bloodline

Release date:2018

The Yamaoka Estate is a brand new map where concentrated rage is faced with experience and peace.

The Spirit is driven by a desire for revenge and represents an endless mass of anger in its purest form. Although she moves only on her feet, her agility and speed make her an invincible killer. Adam Francis has devoted his entire life to learning new things and to self-discipline. The mortal threat he finds himself in may be the last instructive lesson for him.

Key features
  • New location: Family Residence
  • New killer: The Spirit
  • New survivor: Adam Francis

Chapter 10: Darkness Among Us

Release date:2018

The once rich Ormond has now turned into the shadow of the town it previously was. Left to themselves, young people often have little to do in such a place.

The Legion, a group of teenagers led by a determined Frank. In a place where not much is happening anymore, they can experiment with their own abilities and breaking just any rules. Jeff Johansen devoted himself to his passions and led a fairly satisfying life when he was summoned to town from his childhood. The decision to go back can be a path with no turning back.

Key features
  • New location: Mount Ormond Resort
  • New killer: The Legion
  • New survivor: Jeff Johansen

Chapter 11: Demise of the Faithful

Release date:2019

An echo of a Babylonian temple where the trust of the faithful was not enough for the gods to save them from a terrible fate. There is no hope for them, but will others be able to survive?

The High Priestess of Babylon who was so blinded by faith that she thought she was absolutely untouchable. Oh, how wrong she was! As a terrible disease began to sweep through her body, she became merely a memory of herself, and now, as the Plague, she seeks to make everyone share a similar fate. Jane Romero is a completely different example of a woman who wanted to win masses of followers. A very unfortunate coincidence, however, makes TV job the least of her worries now.

Key features
  • New location: The Temple of Purgation
  • New killer: The Plague
  • New survivor: Jane Romero

Chapter 11.5: Ash vs. Evil Dead

Release date:2019

Add-on introducing a brand new survivor character.

Ash Williams makes a big mistake and by using the Necronomicon, he awakes great evil in his friends and the woods surrounding them. He miraculously manages to survive these horrible circumstances. However, years later, as part of showing off to the girl, he reads the words from a powerful book again and the situation repeats itself. Well, not really, because this time he is transferred to the realm of the Entity, but without any weapon.

Key features
  • New survivor: Ash Williams

Chapter 12: Ghost Face

Release date:2019

You see your co-workers every day, but do you know who they really are? This expansion features a brand new killer who takes his profession very seriously.

Jed Olsen is a colleague like any other ordinary dude, you might say. He worked in the newspaper and was pretty good at writing about the latest mysterious homicides in the area. The amazing thing is, he was always so well informed, eventually someone started to suspect something and Jed had to move somewhere else very quickly.

As it turns out, he and the masked Ghost Face are the same person, and now his talent for calculating murder planning can come in handy in a new location.

Key features
  • New killer: The Ghost Face

Chapter 13: Stranger Things

Release date:2019

An expansion pack containing a completely new map, a new killer and two survivors. Outside the Hawkins National Laboratory is the Underground Complex where Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington will fight for their lives.

The killer in this chapter is the terrifying Demogorgon with a head resembling a predatory plant full of giant teeth. Will the Survivors be able to overcome this absolute terror?

Key features
  • New location: The Underground Complex
  • New killer: The Demogorgon
  • New survivors: Nancy Wheeler, Steve Harrington

Chapter 14: Cursed Legacy

Release date:2019

Already during his lifetime, he was a monster that knew no mercy over his poor victims, hence he received the nickname of Oni-Yamaoka, referring to the disgusting creature from Japanese legends.

Fate terribly mocked him when the Entity decided to put this nickname into practice, literally turning the warrior into a monster. Will the brave and rebel Yui Kimura be able to escape the passion of his wrath?

Key features
  • New location: Sanctum of Wrath
  • New killer: The Oni
  • New survivor: Yui Kimura

Chapter 15: Chains of Hate

Release date:2020

You never really know if it’s the wind howling in the deserted Glenvale or if it’s the rattling of the chains. A deserted town is a perfect background for a little hunt.

The Deathslinger was once a headhunter, which only prepared him to chase and kill his helpless victims later. Armed with a chain-firing rifle, he brings only slow death and doom. The survivor Zarina Kassir must really make good use of her skills to successfully confront him.

Key features
  • New location: Dead Dawg Saloon
  • New killer: The Deathslinger
  • New survivor: Zarina Kassir

Chapter 16: Silent Hill

Release date:2020

Behold, the day of judgment has come. Only one person who feels an extraordinary call to perform such tasks can handle the case, and the only right result of a bloody trial may be the most terrible death.

You will recognize the Executioner by the pyramid-shaped helmet and the huge knife he holds in his hand. It is absolutely impossible to confuse him with anyone else, and he was summoned by the Entity to fulfil his monstrous duty again. Cheryl Manson, who survived the terrible events that took place earlier in Silent Hill, could not end any worse.

Key features
  • New location: Midwich Elementary School
  • New killer: The Executioner
  • New survivor: Cheryl Manson
  • Special charm: Seal of Metatron
  • Easter Egg Charm: Vic Viper

Chapter 17: Descend Beyond

Release date:2020

Bold experimenting with the human body and mind can lead to a tragedy, and this is exactly what happened to Talbot Grimes. Fate led him through tragic events that turned him into a monster that the Realm of Entity must have found very useful.

Felix Richter’s life was headed for the best, and it was going really well when one day he went to the island where his father once disappeared. From that day on, Felix was never seen again.

Key features
  • New killer: The Blight
  • New survivor: Felix Richter

Chapter 18: A Binding of Kin

Release date:2020

Twins have always been the subject of much reflection on the nature of family bonds. Siamese twins even more.

Tormented by life since 17th-century France, the Twins finally hated all of the people who rejected them to such an extent that they are only motivated by cold, calculated fury now. Élodie Rakoto’s life was also not easy. However, everything indicates that she will now become the subject of an endless hunt from which it is impossible to escape.

Key features
  • New killer: The Twins
  • New survivor: Élodie Rakoto