We hope you’re ready for the journey around the captivating realm of video games. Here, we’ll guide you through various video game genres (there’s over 30 of them!). They offer you heart-pounding actions, mind-bending puzzles, as well as immersive role-playing and strategic conquests. Surely, everyone will find something for themselves.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most popular genres and focus on their distinct gameplay mechanics, objectives and experiences. Let’s dive into a world where imagination knows no bounds and entertainment knows no limits!

First-person shooters (FPS games)

First-person shooters, also known as FPSs, dominate today’s gaming landscape across platforms. FPS games allow you to experience the game through the eyes of the character. Unlike third-person games where you observe your character from the outside, FPS games drop you right into the thick of things. The best part? You can team up with your friends in online multiplayer modes. Gone are the days when you had to huddle around a split-screen or set up a LAN connection to share an experience with your buddies.

FPS games sub-genre list:

A well-balanced blend of dynamic combat, complex strategy, and deep exploration. You need to defeat your opponents and also simply survive as you start out with minimal equipment. During the game, you will need to go scavenging for items, resources, and unique weapons to become more powerful.

Fortnite gamescreen
Fortnite gamescreen

  • Tactical FPS Games

Be prepared to encounter a lot of action here but without mindless brawling during combat. Your moves must be strategically calculated, otherwise, you won’t make it too far. You will quickly learn that bravado alone is not enough to succeed – the victory may be accomplished only with well-measured tactics.

War is a common theme not only in games but also in other works. If you’re in the need for an adrenaline-fueled experience in the heart of the battlefield where bullets and explosions are all over the place – that might be the perfect genre for you. Just don’t forget to gear up!

  • Online First-Person Shooters

Online FPS can surely give you the adrenaline rush you’ve been looking for. You’ll battle it out against players from around the globe while making alliances and planning tactical moves.

RPGs (role-playing games)

Role-playing games (RPGs) enchant avid storytelling enthusiasts and allow them to emerge as co-creators of amazing narratives. The plot plays a very important role here but there’s also plenty of action to keep things exciting – you definitely won’t get bored. You need to level up your character, make choices and tackle tasks in different sorts of ways – by betting on sneaky stealth, epic combat, or brainy problem-solving. A major piece of the puzzle is also the aspect of interaction and establishing relationships with other players (when you’re playing online) or with NPCs (non-playable characters) that you can meet while traversing vast worlds.

RPG games sub-genre list:

JRPGs are famous for their specific art style and often very aesthetically pleasing visual components. They are also known for epic storytelling, memorable, complex characters, and turn-based combat systems. Leveling and progression systems are challenging and intricate.

Nioh gamescreen
Nioh gamescreen

  • Western RPG (WRPG)

Vast, vibrant worlds with challenges lurking in every nook and cranny and hundreds of quests to complete. The importance of player choices, character customization, branching storylines, and open-ended gameplay are the main characteristic features of this sub-genre.

Of course, there’s fast-paced action but ARPGs also offer a solid blend of non-linear storytelling, numerous side quests, and a wide range of activities. The key feature is real-time combat involving hack-and-slash mechanics.

  • Tactical RPG (TRPG)

Strategic planning several moves ahead is the bread and butter in these games. Thrilling turn-based battles take place on grid-based maps. You need to have a good head on your shoulders to carefully manage resources and factor in everything as you make decisions.

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Divinity: Original Sin 2 gamescreen

  • Massively Multiplayer Online RPG (MMORPG)

MMORPGs are one of the most immersive types of games ever. They offer picturesque landscapes, numerous quests, different types of combat, and deep character development. But the most important factor is the ability to establish real relationships among the players – finding lifelong friendships and perhaps even great love. Because what is more bonding than overcoming challenges and fighting monsters together?

Explore mazes, solve puzzles, and deftly avoid traps. Comprehensive character development and the right set of skills will bring you the biggest loot.

Adventure Games

Adventure games are exciting journeys full of challenges, hidden treasures, and carefully kept secrets. Picture yourself stepping into the shoes of the protagonist, embarking on an epic odyssey or intimate personal wander. You will face monsters and fight your demons. You will also dive into complex worlds, uncovering secrets, and solving puzzles along the way.

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Life is Strange gamescreen

Adventure games sometimes get mistaken for RPGs, and yes, they have some things in common, but there are also some important differences. In adventure games, you’ll find a more linear progression compared to the open-world nature of RPGs. You need to navigate through levels and tackle different challenges, steadily advancing toward the shining goal of completing the game.

Simulation Games

Simulation games allow you to try new things with impunity and take on challenges you wouldn’t normally take on. Whether you dream of building magnificent cities, managing exciting businesses, or even being in charge of empires, these games grant you the freedom to manifest your ambitions. Or do you feel like simply trying a different life? Or relax by cooking or renovating houses? Your alter ego can be wild and adventurous, but also calm and in need of unwinding.

Simulation games sub-genre list:

  • Life Simulators

Live like there’s no tomorrow, climb the career ladder, or establish a noble family to inherit your legacy. Every aspect of life is intricately mimicked to provide a fully immersive experience. You will start with a blank canvas – how you’ll end up using it is completely up to you. Here, the possibilities for shaping your destiny are endless.

Fortnite gamescreen
Sims 4 gamescreen

Running a city is not an easy task. You have to cater to the needs of different social groups and strive for well-rounded development. It is necessary to use resources wisely, maximize the city’s assets, and every now and then take a gamble on risky decisions that may or may not pay off. Smart choices can lead to greatness while missteps can have long-lasting consequences.

If you love the rush of wind in your hair, meeting the limits, and the thrill of the ride, these types of simulators have been made especially for you. Just a word of advice – as much as you might rock as a drifting champion, it’s probably best not to test these skills out in the real world.

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Ride 4 gamescreen

Strategy Games

They are all about careful planning, tactical decision-making, and critical thinking. Whether you’re eager to build powerful realms, be in charge of the soldiers on the battlefield, or shape the destiny of entire nations, strategy games offer an intellectually stimulating and challenging experience that puts your abilities to the test. They provide a playground for your tactical mind, where every move counts and the thrill of victory awaits those who master the art of strategy.

Strategy games sub-genre list:

  • Real-Time Strategy (RTS)

The real-time strategy games are exceptionally dynamic as every decision must be made on the fly. It provides a very intense and adrenaline-pumping experience. The games are a blend of tactical battles, resource management, and base-building in a hostile and ever-changing environment.

  • Grand Strategy

In the grand strategy games, you step into the shoes of a ruling leader, in charge of a nation, empire, or dynasty. In this world empires rise and fall, alliances are forged and broken, and every decision can leave an indelible mark. These games allow you to shape the world according to your vision, offering a deep level of control. History enthusiasts, political aficionados, and empire builders surely won’t be disappointed.

  • Tower Defence Games

Tower defense games are based on a simple mechanic but they still provide a very engaging experience. Your goal is to defend your base against different kinds of opponents. Marshal your forces and prepare your fort for epic battles that will test your strategic skills.


This type of game makes many players feel especially nostalgic. Platformer games come in various styles, ranging from classic side-scrolling adventures to three-dimensional worlds filled with amazing adventures.

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Ori and the Will of the Wisps gamescreen

The gameplay mechanics may include running, jumping, climbing, swinging, and even puzzle-solving. Along the way, you’ll encounter enemies, discover hidden secrets, collect power-ups, and unlock new areas, making each level a delightful exploration. The diversity of gameplay mechanics has kept the experience fresh and exciting for years, offering a mix of action, exploration, and problem-solving. In modern platform games, we also witness a fusion of elements borrowed from action RPGs.

Sports & Fitness Games

These games allow you to follow your passion for sports, engage in virtual athletic struggles and experience the thrill of competition. Feel the sweat, push your limits, win, and recover from defeats. Virtual football, tennis, golf, basketball, field hockey, and more – you will get the chance to face your rivals, overcome your weaknesses and find out that the only thing that matters is the way to the top. You can also work on cooperation skills, which are especially important in team sports. We can’t give you a guarantee of similar results in real life, but it’s certainly a good start!

Fighting Games

What we love in this type of games is their complex gameplay mechanics, which combine seamless movements, precise timing, and thrilling combos. Every punch, kick, or special move is proof of your skill, precision, and hard work. If you want to be unbeatable you need to learn your strengths and weaknesses and make the best use of them. What makes these games even more fun is that you can enjoy them either solo or with friends.

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Mortal Kombat 11 gamescreen

Horror and Survival Games

If you love putting your courage to the test and feeling the heart-pounding experience you are probably familiar with horror and survival games. From haunted mansions and desolate asylums to post-apocalyptic landscapes and supernatural realms, these titles take you to the place where fear and suspense reign supreme.

In survival games, you need to fight to survive in a harsh environment. It’s a thrilling test of wit, adaptability, and resilience as you strive to overcome the elements, hunger, and hostile creatures. In such unfavorable conditions, you have to weigh every decision well and sometimes make risky choices.

Stealth Games

Welcome to the world of silence, careful observation, tactical thinking, and cunning. Your goal is to remain undetected and avoid open battle at all costs. During missions, you need to silently eliminate targets, sneak past enemies, and unravel conspiracies. It is a great test for your patience, wit, and precision. It goes without saying – this stealthy adventure is adrenaline-fueled.

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Hitman gamescreen

Interactive Movies

This is a relatively new genre at the intersection of games and movies. While watching a film, have you ever repeatedly questioned the character’s choices and imagined what would have happened if they only acted differently? You would certainly make different decisions. Well, now you have that opportunity. Begin a digital journey where every decision you make matters. Rest assured that in some cases you can only choose the lesser of two evils, and then face the consequences of your choices.

Party Games

Games are one of the best pastimes, especially when shared with your loved ones. Fill your parties with laughter, friendly competition, and lots of lasting memories. Party games are the perfect fit for all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, everyone can join in on the excitement. They’re not just about having fun, they’re also fantastic for breaking the ice in a new team or reinforcing the bonds of an old crew.

Step into the fascinating world of video game genres, where games are meticulously classified based on their mechanics, objectives, and overall experiences. With numerous genres to choose from, where each one offers distinct gameplay elements and caters to specific player preferences, the possibilities are endless. The game genres often overlap, and some games may incorporate elements from different categories. But here’s a word of wisdom: don’t limit yourself to just one genre! Open yourself up to a world of exciting experiences by exploring various games.