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In a move which further cements its excellent vibes, the dwarfy co-op masterpiece Deep Rock Galactic has big plans for the upcoming Season 5, revealed through a tweet for all to see.

First of all, developer Ghost Ship Games is researching a way to make past seasons accessible to players. It’s an admirable, anti-FOMO direction. Details are scarce on how exactly that would work, but hopes are high that it would be a full-blown return. Sure, the cosmetics from old seasons are still accessible through luck of the roll, but having a way to earn them in a more straightforward manner would be very appreciated. Reliving previous seasons’ story beats would be cool too.

Ghost Ship also teased a prelude to the upcoming roguelite shooter Rogue Core, a new mission type, and a slew of technical and QoL tweak, like filters for all the cosmetics you got.

Season 5 is shaping up to be a big one, which also makes it a great time to hop back into the game if you’re a lapsed player, or to get started, if you’ve been on the fence until now. It’s as good as co-op games get, and it’s also very playable solo thanks to a helpful drone. No reason to keep sitting on the fence!