AI-Generated Illustration Inspired by Dune MMO, image credit: Dalle-3

Recently we were treated to an extensive look at the upcoming Dune gamer from Funcom, the developer behind Conan Exiles, among other things.

The video covered many topics, painting Dune Awakening as a comprehensive adaptation of the iconic science fiction setting. Below you’ll find a few bulletpoints, but watching the full vid is recommended to catch a few glimpses of gameplay.

Video credit: Funcom

First of all, appropriately, the game is going to take place on Arrakis itself, with all its threats, challenges, and stunning vistas. That means, among other things, that the sandworms will very much be a constant threat no matter the size.

The weather is not going to be your friend either, and the game’s survival systems will make you feel it. Learn to preserve water and walk without rhythm, or you’re toast. Thankfully there’s going to be a crafting system to keep you supplied.

Perhaps more interestingly to the Dune fans, you’ll be able to learn skills characteristic for certain factions in the universe, which even includes learning some Bene Gesserit tricks including the Voice. It might not be extremely canon-adherent, but there will be trainers in the world and mentors in your character’s backstory to provide a believable excuse. After all, Paul multiclassed thanks to his mentors too.

There will also be a strong social aspect in the game, letting players participate in the great game of Great House politics if they want to go large-scale, or take on odd jobs together to keep it ground level.

Dune Awakening has no set release date at present, but the ambitious scope already makes it worth paying attention to.