Ranged assassin from the world of Blizzard’s MMO is now available for players.

Zul’jin is described as a Hero working well as solo character, but it’s a good idea to combine him with a support companion. Here’s a short note with his backstory, as well as the trailer:

Before the elves and their Alliance, the forests of Lordaeron belonged to the trolls of the Amani empire. As their warlord, Zul’jin has united the tribes into an army that stands ready to take back what is theirs and to slay the elves who stole it from them. Ever keen to hone his skill and sharpen his deadly axes, Zul’jin now joins us as the newest ranged assassin Hero to enter the Nexus!

This newest Hero has a Berserker trait at his disposal – his attacks may increase at the cost of health. There are also a few interesting skills like Twin Cleave with unique circular arch. As YouTube commentator PurpleIsALetter wrote, we never axed for this…