You may have heard about G2A Goldmine in passing, seen the recognisable reflink on your favourite streamer or Youtuber’s channel, or encountered the name elsewhere while browsing the Internet. If you want to learn everything you need to know about Goldmine, this article will give you all the information you need.

What is G2A Goldmine?

G2A Goldmine is, in the simplest terms, a referral program which allows you to create a unique reflink you can then send to your audience or friends. Every purchase they make through your link gives you a small share of the money they spend, 5% for digital products and 4% for physical ones. There are also special events, which increase your share under special conditions.

You can check how much you can get from any product by scrolling down on its page to find a quick calculation of a per-purchase profit you can make if you send your audience a link to that offer. The more people use your link, the more money comes to you, so maintaining a large, active audience is the best path to making good money. The best part is that no matter how much money you collect, you can pay it out to your specified account at any time. You don’t need to wait until you reach a certain threshold.

G2A Goldmine is available wherever on Earth you are, so if you were curious whether, say, US citizens can use it, rest assured. As for how much people are making off Goldmine — specifics are confidential, but since its beginning the system has generated well over 6 million euro of profit (total) for its users.

g2a goldmine
*As in, April 13, 2021

How does G2A Goldmine work?

It all works, because of cookies. When somebody clicks on your link, it generates a cookie in their browser. They don’t need to complete a purchase right away, they can make it later. As long as they buy the product within 24 hours of clicking your reflink (it refreshes if they click on it again), you get to profit from the transaction. Your reflink will earn money no matter what G2A Marketplace page it leads to. You can customize it to make the audience click it more often.

You aren’t forming a persistent, multi-level network of people, and people who click your reflinks can have their own, but you won’t profit from them. It’s a very straightforward, direct system.

It’s also important to know that if someone deletes their G2A Goldmine cookie, or clicks another user’s reflink, their connection to you is lost, and you won’t profit from their purchase.

How to withdraw money earned through Goldmine?

Once you decide to withdraw balance from Goldmine, you need to just go to the “Available balance” section of your account and click “Pay out”. It will transfer the money to your G2A Pay account, from which you can move them to bank or any other account, as necessary.

What are the best places to link G2A Goldmine?

Outside of just giving links to your friends, it’s good to maintain a strong social media presence, especially on Twitch or Youtube, which have a strong audience gathered around gaming and geekdom. This way there’s a better chance of your link reaching people who will be interested in the products you’re linking, and you’ll maximize your earnings.

Better yet, Goldmine provides you many tools which help you maximize your profits. There are, for example analytics which show which link performs best, and which websites provide the best traffic. You also get several tools helping you streamline and adjust the way you’re distributing and generating reflinks, such as banners or URL parameters.


G2A Goldmine is easy to set up, a few reflinks aimed at the right audience can generate a nice, legit profit for you, and you can pay out any time you want. What you need to do is just to make sure people see and want to use the reflink.