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    Core Keeper is a new indie video game created by Pugstorm studio. In the game, players take on the role of a miner trapped deep inside an unexplored, underground cave. In the game, players must use their survival skills ...

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      • Core Keeper is a new RPG sandbox game developed by Pugstorm, released as an Early Access production in 2022, on Steam. The game utilizes numerous survival gameplay mechanics like crafting, building, etc. Core Keeper game features simple, pixel-art graphics and an atmospheric soundtrack. Additionally, the game features an 8-player co-op mode. The title received many positive reviews from players, who applauded the gameplay mechanics and the game's replayability.

        Find your way through an endless cavern

        You just woke up in an unknown place, all you know is that you are deep underground, and it's dark. Discover what secrets are hidden within the depths of this mysterious world. You will find out pretty quickly that it's full of useful resources that can be used in different ways. Players should keep in mind that caverns are randomly generated, and each play through offers a totally new experience.

        Core Keeper

        Crafting is the key!

        In Core Keeper, crafting is one of the main gameplay mechanics. The underground world is full of valuable materials and resources, that players can use to craft tools and items that will help them during the adventure. Players can create pickaxes, shovels, and many other pieces of equipment that will make this underground journey easier. Even though most items can be gathered from exploring, some of them we can buy from encountered friendly NPCs with an in-game currency called Ancient Coins. Additionally, it's worth mentioning that the game allows us to create a base that will shelter us from many dangers lurking in the dark.

        Beware the unknown dangers

        During the adventure, players will occasionally encounter monsters living in this subsurface ecosystem. The game features a number of different types of enemies, including huge, and challenging bosses. Fights are dynamic, and they often require a lot of skill, reflex, and sometimes even strategy.

        Core Keeper

        Grow your own food

        To survive, you need to eat something, right? In the Core Keeper game, you can create your own underground garden, full of various crops. Combine them and discover delicious recipes that will provide you with helpful buffs. You can also find a place to fish and make your meals even more interesting.

        Key Features

        • Find valuable resources
        • Craft your own equipment, and create an awesome underground base
        • Fight undiscovered creatures and fearsome monsters living in the caverns
        • Grow your food and discover delicious recipes
        • Bring your friends and experience this sandbox mining adventure in 8-players co-op mode

        Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2022-03-08

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      • Einschränkungen:

        ESRB Everyone
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