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    Fallout 3 (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

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    Customize your characterBe prepared to take on the wasteland from cradle to grave. By starting with your character’s birth you have to choose the gender, the look of your character and your characters skill sets.

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      • Be prepared to take on the wasteland from cradle to grave. By starting with your character’s birth you have to choose the gender, the look of your character and your characters skill sets. Determine if you want to be strong, have a good perception, be endurance or be charismatic. Experience a truncated adolescence living in Vault 101, a huge, underground fallout shelter where generations have lived and died shielded from the radiation and desperation of the outsides after the bomb challenges. When you turn 19, you wake up to discover your father is missing and his friend was murdered by the tyrannical overseer of the vault. You have no choice but to hightail it out of there and go questing for your dear, old dad in the morbid, violent world beyond the blast doors.

        Explore enormous world

        Fallout 3 features a massive, open world. Once you get outside the vault, the world becomes your mutated oyster and all choices are up to you. Tramp through the wastes in search of fame and fortune stumbling upon hundreds of locations, enemies, and dangerous terrain. Find a lot of different side quests and travel through the Fallout world which is located around the rubble surrounding the Washington DC area. Encounter side quests along the way but remember that some of them have pretty big consequences depending on how you act.

        Fallout 3 - protagonist

        Struggle for survival

        Living outside Vault 101 is not easy. Every day you’ll have to fight for food, water, and your safety. Search surrounding area for water and make sure it isn’t radioactive. Explore every single corner to figure out if there is any food in there. Find various tools which you can use as weapons and do anything necessary to survive.

        Between good and evil

        The big thing about all of the quests in Fallout 3 is how you solve them. There are numbers of different ways to go about a lot of the situations and some of these will be determined by your character’s statistics. Consider whether you want to do things the good way or the evil way, the violent way or the non-violent way. Your decisions entail how people will approach you. Choose different dialog options and decide whether you want to gun people down or be their friend.

        An extraordinary combat system

        Fallout 3 features a lot of opportunities for combat. Get jumped by raiders, radioactive mole rats, dogs, or other weird-looking, dangerous creatures. Travel underground metro-like tunnels, buildings, and dungeons to find filthy creatures. Admire satisfying combat situations as the Fallout 3 is a role-play-game with a lot of shooting in it. Freeze the time by using so-called VAST - a system that can pause the game. Take a set of action points, pause the game, and spend those action points on doing things like shooting your enemies. Just hit the VAST button to freeze everything and then shoot your enemy with exceptional precision. If you find yourself not really into the action, real-time combat, you can play most of the game just by using the VAST system.

        Fallout 3 - shooting

        A world full of interesting characters

        The best thing about Fallout 3 are the characters that you meet along the way. Everyone who has a name that you encounter for a specific purpose has its unique voice and behavior. Meet a lot of interesting people along the way, listen to the radio, and dive into funny dialogs.

        An outstanding visual experience

        See the sun for the first time in your life and realize how far you can see and how everything is white and fades into view. The view distance is really impressive and gives you a really good sense of scope. Travel large distances and find out how big is the world of Fallout 3.

        Go underground and enter a lot of metro tunnels or train stations. Visit the Megaton town and admire a variety of different buildings that have been cobbled together out of scrap.

        The size and scope of everything will surely amaze you.

        Key features

        • Beautifully designed, vast, open world
        • A complex character customization system
        • Brutal combat situations: meet dangerous, mutated enemies and animals
        • Outstanding characters: each person you meet has its own unique voice and personality
        • Consequences of all choices: decide whether you prefer to be good or evil
        • An extraordinary VAST system: freeze the time everytime you want

        Data di rilascio: 2008-10-28

      • Di seguito sono riportati i requisiti di sistema minimi e consigliati per Fallout 3 (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL. A causa di potenziali modifiche nella programmazione, i requisiti minimi di sistema per Fallout 3 (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL potrebbero variare nel tempo.
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        ESRB Mature
        PEGI 18

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