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    Ready or Not (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

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    Get a behind-the-scenes look at the work of the world's elite police SWAT unit and take command of the most challenging missions. Play Ready or Not and get access to the most realistic FPS gameplay that will determine pe ...

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      Ready or Not (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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      • Ready or Not is a tactical first-person shooter developed and released by VOID Interactive in 2023. December 13 saw the release of the final Ready or Not 1.0 version, introducing ultimate fixes, an expanded campaign, new weapons, improved AI, and enhanced mechanics. All these updates make the game even more authentic, so prepare for an intense SWAT unit experience, fighting the most dangerous criminals in Los Sueños. Due to its life-like features, some players may consider this title scary, so we don't recommend it for younger audiences or individuals with traumatic experiences related to criminal violence.


        Progressing corruption results in mayhem and violence spreading on the city streets. This harsh political and social situation requires an urgent response - if anyone can bring peace, it is SWAT. Join this elite law enforcement unit to participate in the riskiest missions designed with the help of experienced police officers.


        Ready or Not game skillfully combines armor physics with life-like weapon handling and an intuitive control system to deliver the ultimate tactical FPS, focusing on the job of an elite SWAT unit. Each mission requires a proper planning phase - design a strategy, examine the building layout, consider alternative exit routes, and choose the best equipment. In the single-player campaign, you are responsible for everything that happens throughout each mission, so ensure that no mistakes are made during this stage.

        Ready or Not - FPS

        • Cooperative Gameplay

        Playing solo or in multiplayer, you can benefit from the assistance of up to seven other brothers in arms - controlled by AI in case of a single-player campaign. Mission objectives assume the presence of various types of people on the battlefield, so you have an equal chance of encountering a random civilian, a dangerous opponent, or a desperate hostage. Advanced artificial intelligence equips all of them with surprisingly adequate and unpredictable reactions, so don't be surprised if your enemy outsmarts you.

        • Weapons and Equipment

        Your unit is the only thing that separates this world from descending into complete madness. Enjoy a rich collection of weapons, including rifles, shotguns, SMGs, and precise pistols supported by shields, body armor, pepper spray, or tasers - necessary for a successful mission outcome. Always use the best equipment, as the realistic bullet behavior system deals damage affecting the unit members' health.

        • Realism and Immersion

        RoN is an impressive SWAT shooter using advanced 3D graphics, motion capture, perfectly balanced AI, and precise physics. Each mission feels like a matter of life and death, so the stakes are higher than you could ever imagine. See behind-the-scenes of a professional police unit's work, discover the value of successful cooperation, and have fun with first person realism you will not experience in any other game.

        Ready or Not

        Key features:

        • Become a member of the elite SWAT unit to confront ever-spreading crime
        • Lead seven AI-controlled companions in a single-player campaign or cooperate in multiplayer for up to eight players
        • Enjoy intuitive controls
        • Prepare a strategy for each upcoming mission
        • Witness police work in the most realistic circumstances

        Data wydania: 2021-12-18

        Wczesny dostęp: TAK

      • Poniżej znajdują się minimalne i zalecane specyfikacje systemowe produktu Ready or Not (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL. Ze względu na potencjalne zmiany programistyczne, minimalne wymagania systemowe produktu Ready or Not (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL mogą z czasem ulec zmianie.
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