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    V Rising (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

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    Rise as the most powerful ancient vampire and rebuild your might! Play V Rising - a multiplayer survival video game where you will grow in strength, learn the secrets of dark magic, and conquer the entire map.

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      V Rising (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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      • V Rising is a survival video game with RPG elements developed and released in early access by Stunlock Studios AB in 2022. Make your dream of living as a vampire come true! Embark on a dark adventure and fight to survive in the gothic open world to rise as the leader of an invincible army. If you crave unimaginable power in truly supernatural circumstances - this title is your best choice!


        When you wake up from hundreds of years of deep sleep, you can only dream of once lost unlimited power. Embark on your adventure by collecting the essential resources and blood. Soon, this land will tremble in fear, and its people will become your most faithful servants.

        V Rising


        Enter the open world of wild forests and forgotten woodlands to restore your strength and conquer new lands. You will find many charming villages, vast fields, and mysterious caves. Explore the entire land in search of the best materials and food sources but remember to avoid highly deadly sunlight. As a vampire, you must consume blood to restore your devastating power. Use your strategy and surprise your enemies to defeat them in one move.

        Discover your surroundings and gain more strength to implement your grand return plan. Fight skeletons and other vampires or raid villages and get better materials. You will need them to rebuild the castle, where you will create your base and official headquarters. In the fortress, you will also grow your army and be able to spend time safely in the company of your friends.

        V Rising

        V Rising game focuses on multiplayer and cooperation or competition with other vampires. Each player strives to achieve the goal of creating the greatest possible army and power. To make this dream come true, you must develop your character, craft equipment, and learn the secrets of dark magic. Join forces with other players and invade your enemies' castles together. Or play as a lone predator and eliminate everyone from the game!

        Key features:

        • Play a survival game about becoming the mighty vampire
        • Explore the land to collect resources and blood
        • Recruit soldiers for your mighty army and rebuild the castle
        • Develop your combat skills and learn dark magic
        • Cooperate with other players or challenge everyone

        Data wydania: 2022-05-17

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      • Ograniczenia:

        ESRB Teen
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