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    Games for Beginners

    Games can be a great source of entertainment, but there are people that are afraid to even try diving into this fantastic world of gaming. There are various reasons why, including people’s lack of self-esteem – they think that they may be not skilled enough to find the experience enjoyable. And if that’s you, hear us out: you don’t need to be a pro to have fun. There are tons of casual-friendly and non-competitive titles that were made exclusively with people like you in mind, so there’s nothing to worry about. Games for new gamers do exist and we’ve got them right here.

    What games should a beginner play?

    It’s worth it to start slow and easy to not get discouraged too soon if you don’t have any prior experience with video games. A game that requires neither fast reflex nor quick reaction time, and is not overly complicated would be a perfect choice to start. Puzzle games are a great candidate as there you can usually take as much time as you want to solve all kinds of riddles – think of such games as sudoku with extra steps. Puzzle games are not necessarily easy, but the rules they follow are often easy enough for newcomers to quickly get a grasp of and start having fun right away.

    A prime example of such a game would be Portal 2. This is a game where your task is to utilize a special portal gun to make your way through a series of increasingly difficult test chambers. The gun is capable of shooting two types of portals, orange and blue, and only one of each type can exist at any given time. Once both types of portals are placed down, any object that enters one of them will exit from the other one. Your job is to place the portals in such a way that will allow you to avoid all obstacles and exit the chamber.

    Puzzle games are definitely one of the easiest types of video games to play, but sandboxes are also worth being mentioned. Judging by the name, sandbox games are probably what you’d expect – these are games that give players an unprecedented amount of freedom, allowing people to play and enjoy the game the way they want.

    An example of a perfect sandbox game for beginners is Minecraft – a game, where your main objective is to explore and shape the world to your liking. The game’s world is made of blocks that can be easily destroyed, modified, and placed elsewhere, which means that whatever construction you’d like to build, it’s most likely possible in Minecraft. There are some monsters that will try to make your life harder, but it’s not a big deal – you can always switch to the creative mode, where nothing can hurt you, so you can focus entirely on building your dreamland.

    The list of the best video games for beginners is not a short one and there’s surely something for all of you, no matter what type of game you’re looking for. Try games like Overcooked, Plants vs. Zombies, The Stanley Parable, Stardew Valley, or any Lego game – you’ll be surprised how much fun a casual-friendly game can bring.

    Take a look at our library where we’ve got some of the best games for new gamers.

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