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The Sims Games List

It goes without saying that The Sims is a legendary series. The games developed by Maxis started the trend of simulation video games in which the player could create their own characters and guide them through the meanders of life. Over the past 22 years, the games list in The Sims series have appeared in many different variations, allowing the players to enjoy various aspects of virtual life. Here you can you can learn more about the history of Maxis' series, check the best The Sims offers.

The Sims Games List

    The history of The Sims series

    The first game in the series developed by Maxis was 1989's SimCity. Unlike the later installments, which focused on looking after a small family unit, SimCity gave the player the control of an entire city. Looking after the needs of its citizen, developing new areas, preventing and counteracting natural disasters - these were only a few jobs put upon the player as the "god" of SimCity world. Maxis continued expanding the ideas of SimCity in the subsequent installments: SimCity 2000 (1993) and SimCity 3000 (1999). 2013's SimCity, intended as a remake/reboot of the series, is as of yet **the last installment of the city management series. **

    Concurrently with SimCity, Maxis developed something on a smaller scale. After the successful release of SimCity 3000, the first installment of The Sims saw the light of day. In the year 2000, The Sims was a game unlike any others. Not only did it allow the player to create their own avatar (or an entire family of avatars) and watch them go about their day, it also lets them experience the mundanities of life in unparalleled detail. The open-ended nature of the game meant that the fun was virtually endless. The player could have their sims pick up new hobbies, try their hand in new professions, etc. Another trademark feature introduced in the first installment was the ridiculous/macabre humor. The sims under the player's car acted like literal children, and it didn't take much for a tragedy to happen. Early internet outlets and gaming press were overflowing with screens of sims setting themselves on fire because of their poor cooking skills or drowning in a pool because their sadistic overlord removed the exit ladder.

    As time went on, three more main games in The Sims series were released. They offered improved graphics and gameplay mechanics, as well as expansions, which added new features, such as nightlife events, professional and academic careers, exotic vacations, etc. Outside the main titles, The Sims franchise offered various other games, including now-defunct The Sims Online, a multiplayer-focused installment of the series, and The Sims Mobile, a free-to-play version of the game for smartphones and tablets.

    The list of games in The Sims series

    • SimCity
    • SimCity 2000
    • SimCity 3000
    • SimCity (2013 reboot)
    • The Sims
    • The Sims 2
    • The Sims 3
    • The Sims 4
    • Core game expansions, including
      • House Party
      • Nightlife
      • Pets
      • University Life
      • Island Living
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