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    Best Total War Games List

    The Total War is a long-running series of strategies combining turn-based strategy overworld and real-time tactical battle between hundreds of units. With two decades of experience and journeys to different eras and region, there are many TW games to consider. Below you’ll find a list of some of the best Total War games, any of which will be a great beginning to your adventure with the series.

    Best Total War Games List

    Total War: Shogun 2

    A 2014 sequel to the very first Total War game released by The Creative Assembly back in 2000. Set in the 16th century feudal Japan, TW Shogun lets you pick from several clans, help them rise to glory, and claim the position of a shogun. Each clan has different default playstyle, too, for extra replayability. Make decisions about your clan’s development, make political plays, build your own army, and face other clans on the field of honorable battle…or send a ninja to assassinate your enemies. Total War: Shogun 2 is an excellent TW game, especially for fans of Japanese history.

    Total War: Warhammer 1 & 2

    In 2016 the series took a break from historical settings and turned to fantasy instead, adapting the Warhammer Fantasy setting to the Total War formula. Since Warhammer started as a tabletop wargame, has a unique aesthetic, and detailed, distinct faction, it was perfect for becoming a TW game. Each Total War: Warhammer game includes several large factions such as Dwarfs, Lizardmen or three kinds of elves, each with unique mechanics, and if you have more than one Total Warhammer in your library you can merge the maps and factions in a massive Mortal Empires game mode.

    Total War: Three Kingdoms

    Coming back to historical settings, Three Kingdoms takes an interesting approach. Set in the Three Kingdoms period of ancient China history, it offers two modes: Romance and Records. Romance features the over-the-top power of famous generals, inspired by the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Meanwhile Records takes a more historically faithful approach, removing the superhuman abilities and focusing on realism. Either way your faction leaders will form relationships, forge dynasties, and meet other generals in duels or full-blown battles. Three Kingdoms is an interesting take on the TW gameplay.

    Total War: Rome II

    Like Shogun 2 earlier, Rome II is a sequel to one of the earliest Total War games, revolving around, obviously, the ancient Roman Empire. There are many factions to play as, including Greeks, Germanic tribes, Celts, and Ptolemaic Egypt. The DLCs added a few more still, as well as new campaigns. TW: Rome featured improved Diplomacy in comparison to previous instalments, and, carried over from Shogun II, there are special events which require taking playthrough-affecting decisions. The combat involves typical main battles and sieges, but also naval and river combat for good measure.

    Medieval II: Total War

    Although Medieval II is an entry older than others on this short list, it’s still well worth your attention when you’re looking for a solid Total War game to play. The campaign plays out between 1066 and 1530 and features seventeen playable factions, including The Turks, Venice, and the Byzantine Empire. Medieval II is a great choice if you’ve played a game like Crusader Kings and wished it had battles between thousands of units and a more militaristic bent. The map includes a lot of Europe, Middle East, and North Africa – a lot of playing space for waging war and making your faction the ultimate victor.

    Not the end of war

    There are many more Total Wars available, including Thrones of Britannia and TW Saga: Troy, and G2A features great deals on various instalments of the series. Whether you're looking for hits or the less popular ones, you can find discounts and sales keeping your wallet happy.

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