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      • Banished gameplay allows you to build your own city

        Welcome to the world of Banished! In this interesting city-building strategy game, you take control over a group of exiled travelers. Your main aim is to restart the live of your group in a new place. All these people are counting on you. You do not have too much with yourself though. Only a few belongings, a few pieces of clothing and a few carts. Your first task is going to be, of course, survival. 

        Especially during winter. You can make clothes, build houses and start a fire. However, each decision comes with a price. For example, cutting to many tress will result in reduction of the population of deer which you can hunt for food. Furthermore, forest is the only place where you can find materials for the production of medicines etc. So remember to make wise decisions.

        The most important source in Banished is not wood or food, but people themselves

        It is true that Banished gameplay requires good management skills from you. You have to take care of such elements like wood, food, proper housing etc. However, the most important element for your success are people. They are born, grow older, work, have children of their own, and eventually die. Keeping them healthy, happy, and well-fed are essential to making your town grow. 

        Still, it is not going to be enough. You need to make the city flourish in order to attract other people to come. Who knows, maybe even people from your old homeland are going to be attracted to your new home? There are 20 occupations that your people can perform, starting from farming and hunting, to mining, healing or teaching. You need to utilize their skills in order to build a flourishing society

        Each scenario is different. You need to adapt to various situations

        The most interesting part of the Banished gameplay is the fact that each scenario is different and random. Hence, the strategy which worked during one scenario, might not work in the other one. Some resources may be more scarce from one map to the next. Besides, banished people on other maps might have other sets of skills. 

        You have to adapt to each scenario if you want to create your own city. It might sound hard at first but with a little bit of faith and cooperation between citizens, you will be able to succeed. Show government of your previous homeland, that they have made a terrible mistake by throwing you out from the city.

        Key features:

        • Build your new home after you were banished from your own city.
        • Survive the harsh winter by making various tough decisions. Each choice has a price.
        • Adapt to various scenarios. Each scenario is different so you have to be able to adapt in order to survive.
        • Take care of all needs of your citizens. Thanks to them you will be able to create a flourishing society, even better than the one in which you once lived.

        Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2014-02-18

      • Unten sind die minimalen und empfohlenen Systemspezifikationen für Banished (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL aufgeführt. Aufgrund möglicher Programmieränderungen kannst du die Mindestsystemanforderungen für Banished (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL im Laufe der Zeit ändern.
      • Englisch
      • Einschränkungen:

        USK 12
        PEGI 12


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