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    We have to admit that creation of the Gloria Victis game was a rather risky decision by the Black Eye Games studio. Most mmorpg games for the PC follow a rather similar premise. A fantasy mmorpg world filled with challe ...

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      • Gloria Victis is different. It takes a much more mature approach towards the topic of mmorpg. It is a realistic and a harsh world with a little bit of elements from low-fantasy. If you are looking for a breath of fresh air in the world of generic mmorpg games, then Gloria Victis might be a good choice for you.

        Storyline and Gameplay

        Story of the Gloria Victis is not complicated but it is still, rather interesting. As it was mentioned before Gloria Victis is set in medieval times. 20 years have passed since a very bloody and chaotic conflict which swept through the entire continent. Waves of murders, crime syndicates, bandits and monsters are roaming through the world. Now you are one of the people who are able to change the world or to doom it, forever. It is entirely up to you what are going to do. Gameplay of the Gloria Victis is the most interesting aspect, especially within the context of a battle system. It is a non-target battle system where your skills and abilities are even more important factor than the level of your character.

        Furthermore, Gloria Victis does not have classes for you to choose from. You can develop your character in any way you want. There are no bonds, so to speak. Furthermore, the game also provides you with a well developed crafting system which you can, for example, incorporate to create your own business. The game also has elements of survival in it. There are debuffs and buffs which are connected with food, water etc.

        Authors also plan to add the system which is going to allow the weather to impact your character. However, the best thing for you is going to be pvp. Due to the fact, that the fighting system requires not only your character but also you to posses certain skills and knowledge, it is going to allow you to win even with stronger enemies. Furthermore, the game is constantly updated by authors. The game provides you with a huge world map to explore. If you look at the map you are going to see fantasy version of Europe together with Great Britain, part of the Africa and the Iceland. Quite a huge area to cover.

        Low-Fantasy Medieval MMO

        The game is a low-fantasy medieval MMO which for many of you might be a confusing term. Low-fantasy means that magical events are introduced in the otherwise, normal universe. They have normal physical rules, sometimes they are set in a world similar to our own. A primary example of low-fantasy is Berserk manga, where most of it is taking place in a rather normal, medieval world. Only after a while, demons started to appear.

        Reviews and receptions

        We checked gamers and critics reviews of the Gloria Victis PC Version. Opinions on Steam as well as on other gaming portals are mostly positive. Players enjoy the interesting gameplay model and the realistic battle system.

        Key features:

        • Interesting and realistic MMORPG set in a world similar to our own.
        • Become who you want to be. Don't limit yourself with classes.
        • Enjoy a realistic and dynamic battle system.
        • Take care of your needs thanks to the implemented, survival system

        Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2016-06-09

        Early Access: JA

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