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Grand Theft Auto Online: The Whale Shark Cash Card XBOX LIVE GLOBAL 3 500 000 USD Key

  • Grand Theft Auto Online: The Whale Shark Cash Card XBOX LIVE GLOBAL 3 500 000 USD Key is available as Key. It can be activated and downloaded from XBOX LIVE. No shipping fees apply.Product typeKey




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Product description

Product description

What is Grand Theft Auto Online?

GTA Online as the name suggests is a game which allows you to explore the World of GTA with other players in online fun. The title allows you to have fun on the map known from GTA V. This time though, instead of controlling one of three defined characters, you're capable of creating your own gangster. The entire Los Santos (and surrounding areas) is at your disposal. You can freely roam through the area to try to fulfill one of many quests. Up to sixteen players can be located on a single server. You can compete with them in order to be the best or you can also cooperate to do certain tasks. You can, for example, try to rob a bank, assassinate a target or protect the target. You can try to do it alone but you can also join your forces with other players. However, you cannot gain the position in the gangster world of GTA Online only thanks to your skills and wits. You're going to need a lot of money to do it.

Shark Cash Card with 3 500 000 USD is going to be a huge help for you

Grand Theft Auto Online: The Whale Shark Cash Card XBOX LIVE GLOBAL 3 500 000 USD Key was designed purposely to help you at the beginning of your adventure as a gangster. When you're still a relatively small fish with money problems. Immediately you're going to be turned into a big shark. Show everyone in Los Santos, that you're the best player here. With the money which you acquire with the Shark Cash Card, you will be able to invest and become even richer in a relatively low amount of time. You're going to be rich and the most respectable person in Los Santos. What else might the gangster need?

Why should I invest in the Shark Cash Card with 3 500 000 USD?

The answer to this question is simple. In the World of Grand Theft Auto Online, 3 500 000 USD is a lot of money. Per "day" in the game time (about 50 minutes of the real time) you're able to earn between $50 000 to $100 000. However, such big amount of money is earned by you per day, when you're already quite a capable gangster. At the very beginning of your adventure, you're going to earn much less. In other words, 3 500 000 USD might be an equivalent of more than a month of game time. It seems that you get quite a lot with Shark Cash Card. With this money you can for example buy the most expensive motorcycle in the game. The motorcycle is Nagasaki Shotaro. The fastest and the most beautiful one available. Show everyone who is the boss in the Grand Theft Auto Online. Destroy the competition and become the great shark in the ocean of gangsters.

Key features

  • A lot of money at your disposal - Buy all you want with $3 500 000 of the in-game currency.
  • Invest your money and become the shark in the ocean of gangsters.
  • Enjoy cooperation and competition in the world of Grand Theft Auto Online.



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