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    • Fallout 4 Season Pass (PC) - Steam Key - EUROPE - 0
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    Fallout 4 Season Pass (PC) - Steam Key - EUROPE

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    Fallout 4 Season Pass is a way to get all Fallout 4 paid DLC without having to make several purchases over time. It contains several robust content packs and expansions, boosting Fallout 4's longevity up to unimaginable ...

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      Fallout 4 Season Pass (PC) - Steam Key - EUROPE
      Total War: WARHAMMER II - The Shadow & The Blade (PC) - Steam Key - EUROPE

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      • Fallout 4 Season Pass is a way to get all Fallout 4 paid DLC without having to make several purchases over time. It contains several robust content packs and expansions, boosting Fallout 4's longevity up to unimaginable levels. New tasks, new regions, new quests and vistas to behold. All of that with just one purchase, no need to pay for the game ever again.


        If you have ever dreamt of building your own robots, this DLC is for you. Confront the robotic forces of a person called the Mechanist and gain the technology allowing your imagination to run rampant, limited only by your imagination and available resources.With the Automatron expansion you can create your own robots from scratch using an entire expansive library of parts. You can even modify a certain robotic butler into a cybernetic monstrosity equipped with guns, tough armor and still retaining the dorky personality you already know. Customise your Codsworth to your heart's content and build some robo-buddies with a brand new robot manufacturing station.

        Wasteland Workshop

        Create your own insane zoo featuring creatures and even people you encounter in your travels. Build cages for anything from a docile Brahmin to volatile Deathclaws and extremely dangerous Super Mutants. Will you be a good host and tame them, as Fallout 4: Wasteland Workshop DLC allows? Or maybe you will make them fight for your enjoyment on a brand new arena you can build in any settlement? Whatever your choice is, Wasteland Workshop offers you the buildings and options to make a true freakshow zoo and the most bizarre combat arena in the Commonwealth.

        Far Harbor

        Far Harbor

        As the second story-focused add-on (after the Automatron), Far Harbor takes the player on a disturbing quest to a remote island. Participate in your companion Nick Valentine's investigation as he tracks down a missing young woman. What lies in the future is more troubling than the Sole Survivor and Nick could have ever expected.Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC introduces a brand new area, the titular Far Harbor island, plagued by a disturbing Fog. Can the Sole Survivor solve the problems of all inhabitants of Far Harbor, human and synth alike, and with whom will you form an alliance, player?

        Contraptions Workshop

        Expand your workshop even further with you own complex factories, complete with logic gates. Fallout 4: Contraptions Workshop DLC is just the thing for all mad engineers who’d rather see themselves create Rube Goldberg machines instead of committing crimes against nature.Improve your settlements with elevators, food processors and not-safe-for-anyone fireworks.

        Vault-Tec Workshop

        Did you ever think of becoming a Vault Overseer? You can become one in three simple steps! Experiment with new devices, explore the depths of a mountain and bring wastelanders to live in your totally safe Vault. Take your settlement-building talents to another level.

        Nuka World


        Are you tired of the Commonwealth? The Nuka-World theme park has what you need to be entertained again. Several different zones each with its own attractions: raiders, ghouls, Gatorclaws, even a deranged army of heavily armed promotional robots. Nuka-World is fun for the entire post-apocalyptic family. Now you can join and lead the Raiders to ravage Commonwealth settlements. New enemies, new loot, new ways to make your name heard.

        Key features

        Fallout 4 Season Pass has all the paid DLC contained in one purchase. Several story expansions elaborating on the world presented in F4, some improvements to crafting and settlement systems, the downloadable content contained in the Season Pass is enough to keep you playing and creating for days.

        Fallout 4 Season Pass features

        • Automatron - build and upgrade robots using a wealth of new crafting and manufacturing options
        • Wasteland Workshop - capture creatures from the wasteland and tame them or make them fight in an arena for your entertainment
        • Far Harbor - travel to a mysterious island to uncover century-old secrets and solve an ongoing stand-off between several factions
        • Contraptions Workshop - create Rube Goldberg machines and improve your settlement's production with a solid serving of new workshops options
        • Vault-Tec Workshop - become an Overseer of an old Vault and run sneakily concealed experiments on its new inhabitants, as intended
        • Nuka-World - conquer an old amusement park, discover the secret recipe, rule over the raiders with an iron fist and show the Commonwealth what true banditry looks like

        Fecha de lanzamiento: 2016-03-21

      • Restricciones:

        ESRB Mature

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