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    Fallout New Vegas (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

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      Fallout New Vegas (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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      • Fallout New Vegas is a single-player action RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world. The plot is set in the year 2281, in the Mojave Desert region of the United States, which has been destroyed by nuclear war. The player character is a courier left for dead after being ambushed on their way to deliver a mysterious pack. As they search for their attacker and try to uncover the contents of the package, they become a part of a conflict between various factions fighting for control of the Mojave Wasteland.

        Fallout New Vegas


        Players can choose to align themselves with one of these factions or to remain neutral and complete quests for any of them. Fallout NV features a branching narrative, meaning that players' choices throughout the game will have consequences that affect the story. In addition to completing quests and advancing the story, players can explore the open world, look for supplies and weapons, and engage in combat with many enemies, including mutated creatures and hostile humans.


        In comparison with Fallout 3 crafting has been noticeably improved. It is now possible to craft food, drink, ammunition and drugs. There are specially designed places on the map to do this. It requires not only the right components but also the character's skills. Special recipes are also needed to craft some items.

        In addition to creating items, it is also possible to upgrade existing weapons. In this way, the player can increase its range, accuracy or rate of fire. Weapon mods can be bought from merchants or found in Mojave.

        Fallout New Vegas


        The player's reputation depends on the player's actions, such as completing quests for a faction, attacking members of that faction, or being caught stealing from them. A positive reputation will cause non-player characters to be more friendly and helpful towards the player, while a negative is a premise of hostile and unfriendly interactions. All factions have different reputations, so the player's reputation with one group may not affect that with another.


        Companions are NPCs that the player can choose to have accompanied them on their journey. Each companion has a unique personality and background. The player can choose to engage with them and learn more about them or ignore them completely. Companions can also perform tasks, such as using their unique abilities in combat or interacting with objects in the environment.

        Fallout New Vegas

        Key features: 

        • Open world exploration
        • Choice-based gameplay
        • Customizable character and crafting
        • The game has several factions that the player can interact with, and the player's reputation with these factions can be affected by their actions
        • A wide range of quests

        Fecha de lanzamiento: 2010-10-21

      • A continuación se indican las especificaciones mínimas y recomendadas del sistema para Fallout New Vegas (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL. Debido a posibles cambios de programación, los requisitos mínimos del sistema para Fallout New Vegas (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL pueden cambiar en el transcurso del tiempo.
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        ESRB Mature
        PEGI 18

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