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    The Jalopy game let you drive a unique vehicle based on the East German’s Trabbie. As you prepare for the road, you need to adjust your vehicle and fix all the issues. Then, you will be forced to adapt to harsh condition ...

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      • Before you set of on the road, you need to prepare the car. Your vehicle is the fictional Laika 601 Deluxe, based on the real-life Trabbie produced in East Germany that used to have a cult status among the users back in the communistic times. You have to practically put the whole car together and decide what elements to use. Everything will matter later on. The elements you choose to assembly will require various maintenance works and will reflect in the car’s performance on the road. This part of the game can be a real treat for all the car lovers.

        Navigate your Way

        It is a simulation game as you become a driver of the Laika and have to take care of every aspect of the car. Your journey will require navigating through harsh weather conditions and different surfaces like mud. On the way, you will need to change tires or fix the car and do other maintenance works. Keep an eye on the state of engine, tires and even how much space do you have in your trunk. Every little piece needs to be repaired once it gets broken.

        You will be able to upgrade your vehicle and improve its performance. The state of your Laika and amount of carried cargo will determine how your car behave on the road. The procedurally generated world will prepare various challenges for you and your Laika. As you take care of your car, don’t forget about yourself. The long journey requires breaks and your mental state as a driver is as important as the technical aspect of your vehicle. Remember to stop in the roadside motels to get some proper rest.

        Travel Back in Time

        Apart from the typical simulation, the game offers something more: the economic aspect. The Jalopy game takes place in the beginning of the 90’s of the XX century in the East Europe. The Iron Curtain has just fallen and capitalism is starting to thrive in the ex-communistic countries. You are free to travel wherever you want. Your task is to trade various goods with citizens that want to make use of the newly born capitalism and make money on free trade.

        You will strike various deals that will allow you to become the king of the early capitalism in the Eastern Europe. Beware though, as all is not that easy as it seems – there are still border checks and sometimes you will have to hide from police and just contraband goods as they import to some countries is illegal.

        Storyline & Summary

        The game has a storyline that starts with the uncle of the character asking him to travel through the East Europe. Along the way, the uncle tells various stories that comes from the communistic times. The specific vibe of the old times behind the Iron Curtain can be felt. However, the most important part is gameplay that is a mix of driving simulation and adventure game in strange economic environment.

        The game was developed by Greg Pryjmachuk who used to work for Formula 1 franchise between 2009 and 2014. Since late 2014 he began working on his own simulation game with the vehicle designed based on the East German’s famous Trabbie. Jalopy (PC) was published by Excalibur Games and produced by Minskworks.

        Key features:

        • Navigate a Laika 601 Deluxe through East Europe of the 90’s of the XX century
        • Prepare the car for the road: choose elements and assembly it
        • Maintain it and repair, upgrade on the way
        • Take benefit of the early capitalism after the fall of the Iron Curtain and make various deals with locals
        • Contraband goods and hide from border checks
        • Various conditions on the road,
        • Challenges on the road like a hole in the road or spilled oil
        • Graphics that reminiscent the specific vibe of ex-communistic countries of East Europe
        • Music by Jeremy Warmsley
        • Realistic car plaques
        • Measure your miles with a car meter
        • Improve the car’s performance by checking its mass limits
        • Various types of tires to choose from.

        Fecha de lanzamiento: 2016-04-22

        Acceso anticipado:

      • A continuación se indican las especificaciones mínimas y recomendadas del sistema para Jalopy Steam Key GLOBAL. Debido a posibles cambios de programación, los requisitos mínimos del sistema para Jalopy Steam Key GLOBAL pueden cambiar en el transcurso del tiempo.
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        ESRB Teen
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