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    From Moon Studios, the award-winning developers of Ori and the Blind Forest and Ori and the Will of the Wisps comes No Rest for the Wicked, a visceral, precision Action RPG set to reinvent the genre.

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      • Do you enjoy hack'n'slash games like Diablo but have always felt they were missing something? The answer to your needs is the new game No Rest for the Wicked, created by the team known primarily for their picturesque games Ori and the Blind Forest and Ori and the Will of the Wisps - Moon Studios.

        This title is a fresh game; it entered early access on April 18th, 2024, and is currently only available on PC. We don't know the official release date yet, but the creators have already announced that the game will also be available on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 upon its official launch.

        No Rest for the Wicked combines hack-and-slash and action RPG elements with an isometric view and beautiful graphics reminiscent of hand-painted artwork. Want to know more? Keep reading!



        The game is set in a fantasy world on an island called Isola Sacra. After years, a mysterious plague called Pestilence returns to the island. Madrigal Seline, a ruthless and ambitious representative of the church, seizes this opportunity. She rules her followers with an iron fist and aims to prove her devotion to the local deity. The church forces thus begin a conflict with the local government, sparking rebellion from other factions. Amidst this chaos, we step in!

        In the game, we take on the role of Cerim (whom we can customize in terms of gender and appearance), a holy warrior called to fight the Pestilence. However, our character inevitably becomes entangled in a web of intrigue and political conflicts.

        No Rest for the Wicked


        As the game combines action RPG and hack'n'slash elements, gameplay revolves around battling hordes of enemies using our character's unique abilities, much like in Diablo. However, that's not all No Rest for the Wicked has to offer!

        The gameplay also includes typical simulator elements. Between battles, our character can rest in a city called Sacrament, where we can... buy property and customize it to our liking. Furthermore, the game allows for more relaxing and enjoyable activities such as fishing and farming. These actions enable us to gather valuable resources, which we can then use in crafting to regenerate health, upgrade equipment, or enhance our character's stats.

        No Rest for the Wicked allows for both solo play and cooperative mode, supporting up to three additional players. In early access, the game does not offer the option to change difficulty levels, which is (especially in combat) quite high. Because of that, many players see similarities between this title and Soulslike games.


        Key Features

        • Gameplay combining elements typical of hack'n'slash, RPG, and action games, along with some building and farming simulator features.
        • A relatively high level of difficulty, reminiscent of the Souls series.
        • Beautiful graphics resembling painted artwork, created on the Unity engine.
        • Single-player and coop mode for up to 4 players.

        Data di rilascio: 2024-04-18

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