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    Minecraft Java Edition (PC) - Microsoft Store Key - GLOBAL


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    Explore, collect resources and let your creativity run wild! In this endless world, you can possess absolute power over everything around you. Get Minecraft Java Edition and join the epic community of players connected b ...

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      Minecraft Java Edition (PC) - Microsoft Store Key - GLOBAL
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      • Minecraft Java Edition is one of the two official versions of the sandbox survival game, released in 2011 by Mojang Studios for PC. Enter the unbelievably massive world of cubes and design it the way you want. Select a relaxed, creative mode or fight monsters in Survival mode. Solo or in multiplayer - in Minecraft, you can do anything!

        A world of infinite possibilities

        In Minecraft, everything is a cube: mountains, lava, animals, even you! Explore and harvest resources to build impressive structures and transform the surroundings. Travel to discover faraway locations full of valuable materials. Use them to create tools and rare items that will help you build anything you want. It is truly a unique adventure where you create your story.

        Minecraft Java Edition

        Millions of opportunities for creating

        Discover crafting plans with which you will create valuable items and construction elements. Embark on expeditions in search of the rarest minerals and combine raw materials to invent something entirely new. Dig deep into the ground or build a palace that reaches up to the clouds. Build defensive walls and place animal pens. There are no limits in the world of cubes.

        Game modes

        Choose the gameplay style that suits you best! In Creative Mode, you can spend hours of addictive gameplay focused solely on building - while in Survival, you will face hordes of enemies that come only at night. If you feel up to it, choose the rough Hardcore mode where every death is permanent. Or maybe you are interested in exploring the map from a completely different perspective? Such an option is available in the Spectator mode, in which you will explore the map as a ghost! Or maybe you would like to play with other players on their servers? You will find this kind of fun in the Adventure mode.

        Minecraft Java Edition

        There are two versions of Minecraft available: Bedrock Edition and Java Edition. Although very similar, they differ in several features. Minecraft Java Edition is the oldest and first version from Mojang providing cross-platform gameplay between Windows, Linux, and macOS. What's more, Java Edition allows you to make many modifications and new game modes that are completely free. Such features in Bedrock are available in the micropayment system.

        Minecrafta Java

        And one more thing - Java Edition is the standard pixel Minecraft gameplay without additional smoothness or refinements. If you are a fan of the classics and want to become part of an extensive community of players creating their own mods and original worlds - try Minecraft Java Edition. Choose your license key for the best price and buy Minecraft Java Edition cheaper on G2A.com. Your endless possibilities start right here, right now!

        Over the years, Minecraft has collected an impressive sum of positive ratings and awards. It's not just a video game anymore - it's a legend. And although players have minor remarks about some of the gameplay elements, it is one of the most popular games in the world - loved by both casual gamers and professional YouTubers.

        Key features

        • Potentially endless world for the players to explore. Procedurally generated as you travel further, always keeps something to surprise you with.
        • Several game modes, each catering to a different gameplay, from survival to exploration to boundless creation. Join up with friends and together create wonders.
        • Interact with mobs, from wildlife to monsters, Minecraft makes sure you never feel alone in its vast world. Fight them, herd them or eat them, you are the king of the land.
        • Other dimensions to explore, the Nether and the End Realm wait just on the other side of portals you can create.
        • Day and night cycle changes the game between safe exploration and a fight for survival when the monsters come at night.
        • Discover the world of cubes and create without limits
        • Explore and collect valuable resources
        • Learn new crafting designs to build even better structures and items
        • Choose a game mode that meets your expectations
        • Play solo or in multiplayer with other players

        Other versions of Minecraft

        This product is also available in the following versions. They are NOT included in this purchase.

        Data di rilascio: 2013-11-19

      • Inglese
      • Restrizioni:

        ESRB Everyone 10+
        PEGI 7

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