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    Content Warning (PC) - Steam Account - GLOBAL

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      Content Warning (PC) - Steam Account - GLOBAL
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      • Dive into the dark depths of the old world in Content Warning, a cooperative horror game where you and your friends film terrifying creatures and artifacts to become famous on SpöökTube! Gear up, customize your look with the ASCII face creator and get ready for an unforgettable dive. Will you be able to record enough footage before your oxygen, camera battery or... friends run out? If you survive, return to the diving bell, which will transport you and the remaining team members to the surface. Watch your chaotic videos while your views increase and earn money from ads to upgrade your equipment and create even better videos.

        Join the adventure at Content Warning and show that you have what it takes to become a SpöökTube star!

        Content Warning


        "Content Warning" is a cooperative survival-horror game published by Landfall Publishing. You start the game on an idyllic island and use a diving bell to descend to the so-called "Old World", a zone of eternal darkness where there is an abandoned city. Your goal is to use a video camera to film "scary content" such as artifacts or dangerous monsters while exploring the ruins.

        Movies are rated based on the number of viewers, and the number of viewers also determines how much money will be made. If you reach your viewer limit within three days, you will receive a new limit and can continue your career as a content creator; if not, you lose the run and your progress is reset.

        Content Warning


        In Content Warning, players take on the role of a filmmaker exploring the dark corners of an old world, full of terrifying creatures and artifacts. The mission is to record material that will gain popularity on the SpöökTube platform. Each expedition participant brings their own unique skills and equipment to the team, which is necessary for survival and success. As you explore, you must carefully manage your resources, such as oxygen, camera battery, and sanity, in order to continue recording and avoid threats. The money earned allows you to invest in better equipment, which in turn allows you to create more advanced videos and deal with dangers more effectively.

        The game offers dynamic events that can change the course of the game, requiring players to quickly adapt to new conditions. The ASCII face creator allows you to personalize your character's appearance, adding an element of creativity and identification with your in-game avatar. Challenges and rewards await those who show courage and skill in the face of the unknown, and each successful mission brings recognition in the SpöökTube community and motivates you to continue playing.

        Content Warning

        Key features:

        • The game is designed to be played together with other players. Together, you explore a mysterious, abandoned island and try to survive in a dark world.
        • Use the diving bell to descend into the "Old World", an area full of ruins and danger. Your task is to discover secrets and film scary content.
        • You use a video camera to record artifacts, monsters, and other paranormal phenomena. This is your main means of creating content. Your films are rated by viewers. The more viewers, the more money you make. This motivates you to explore and create attractive content.
        • Both the oxygen supply and the film in the camera are limited. You must plan your expeditions carefully to survive and obtain valuable footage.

        Data wydania: 2024-04-01

      • Poniżej znajdują się minimalne i zalecane specyfikacje systemowe produktu Content Warning (PC) - Steam Account - GLOBAL. Ze względu na potencjalne zmiany programistyczne, minimalne wymagania systemowe produktu Content Warning (PC) - Steam Account - GLOBAL mogą z czasem ulec zmianie.
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